Chapter - 15

Amoli's Pov.:-

We both reach down by the elevator and head towards the living hall where everyone is present as a maid informed us.

My husband , he is walking ahead of me while I am tailing behind him like a good wife.

The moment my eyes caught the glimpse of wonderful architecture of the room to shout in my head ' living room is royal ' , this is the only word came out from my mouth after taking a look of it...

In the living room everyone was seated and talking with eachother.

And here my husband stopped in his steps to look me back with attitude dripping face and walk further to sit beside his grandpa ... Living me standing alone with everyones eyes on me ...

Because the room which was filled in tweeting sound of their chit chatting before is now all pin drop silent when they all noticed me ...

I don't know why b
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