Rain's Rebellion

Rain's Rebellion

By:  Bella Moondragon  Completed
Language: English
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In the future, men are forced to bend to the will of women in order to pay for their crimes of the past. Can one short conversation with a man change Rain's world forever? After the Third World War, women seized the opportunity to overcome the surviving men, creating a new nation in part of what used to be the United States ruled by the Motherhood. From that day forward, all women are raised never to question the new order of things where women have all the power and men are used and discarded like animals. Rain knows in the back of her mind that this way is wrong, but she’s been indoctrinated to believe questioning the Mothers is unheard of. All of that changes one afternoon when she’s fulfilling her duties in the Insemination Ward and speaks to one of the men face-to-face for the first time. Their conversation is brief, but Rain’s life will be changed forever. Now that Rain is aware that the Motherhood isn’t all it appears to be, she’s drawn into a circle of women who want change and are willing to sacrifice everything to overthrow the Motherhood, free the men, and create a world where everyone is appreciated and valued, regardless of gender. The road ahead is full of danger, and with every step, new questions and possibilities are presented to Rain. Will she join the rebellion and work to set men free—or will she continue to be a part of the all-powerful Motherhood? Rain’s Rebellion is book one in a new thrilling dystopian romance series.

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Julie Ellis
One of the most well put together stories on this app! This book needs to be published and get off this silly erotica app! It deserves better.
2022-03-27 22:41:50
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Kat Weimer
The concept of this story is intriguing.
2022-01-13 10:49:00
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so glad I found this author. everything I've read has been well thought out and keeps you thinking
2021-10-17 10:19:12
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Kim Hagood
Excellent story and very well written! Every plot followed through so you knew what happened. Very well written and worth every coin! This author is high quality and all of their books have been a joy to read.
2021-09-30 21:49:54
157 Chapters
Chapter One
“We, the women of Michaelanburg, in order to create a perfect nation, where women are free to follow their dreams and correct the injustices of the past, do solemnly uphold the laws, beliefs, and sanctitude of the Motherhood. In all that we do, let us put our sisterhood above all else, standing shoulder to shoulder, pledging to sacrifice our individual needs for the betterment of Womankind.”The words to the national pledge were etched above the plasma screen at the front of the room, as they were in all classrooms. Rain’s eyes drifted upward, tracing over the message, as she simultaneously listened to Mother Swan’s lesson. She knew every word of the pledge, having learned it at age two, like all of the other women in the country, but something seemed different about it today. For some reason, her eyes were focused on one word--sacrifice. What had the Mothers meant when they’d included that word? Had it bee
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Chapter Two
Mist was in their shared room, her nose glued to her tablet, and Rain would’ve assumed she was studying for one of her classes if she didn’t know her friend better. Mist’s caramel blonde hair was down, flowing across her back, frizz setting in with the afternoon and Mist’s fingers constantly playing through it. Rain couldn’t help but smile at her as she watched from the doorway of the room the pair shared with two other girls. When they were twenty-five, in four years, they’d be able to move to their own quarters, on a higher floor, should they choose to. Or they could stay in shared accommodations, if they preferred. Most women decided to stay with the same pod until they reached Grand-Motherhood, unless they chose to marry, in which case they’d be given one of the apartments on the other side of the building where couples were given more privacy. While there were benefits to marriage, Rain didn’t think that was the route f
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Chapter Three
The girls passed a few other students on their way downstairs and out the back of the building, but the others were busy chatting about class and studies. It was just as well; Rain didn’t want anyone to notice the pair--not that she intended to do anything to get either of them into trouble, but the woods they were headed into were sort of off-limits. Not that anyone had ever told them specifically not to go there, but no one else ever did, and it was well-known nothing good could ever come of straying too far from the other women.Being an Agriculture student, Mist was naturally overly curious about the outdoors, so it made perfect sense she’d be drawn to the forested area. Despite her professors and the other Mothers encouraging the girls to let their curiosity be fulfilled through videos, books, and the carefully crafted learning centers available on campus, Mist had first began wandering through the woods they were headed to now when she
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Chapter Four
Birds twittered to each other in the nearby trees, leaping from branch to branch or fluttering through the air in search of food or companionship. Some of their songs were cheerful and bright while others were haunting, like the look in that construction worker’s eyes. Rain tried not to picture him, but the weight of Mist’s words had forced his image into her mind, and she couldn’t help but wonder what her friend had meant by what she’d stated earlier, that the man shouldn’t be blamed for whatever had brought him to that position in life. Who else was there that should be held accountable? Shouldn’t all men be held responsible for what they had done, collectively as a sex, to women throughout history?A twig snapped beneath her feet, bringing her back to the woods around her, and a squirrel darted across the path in front of Mist. The Mothers said wildlife was coming back in abundance now that so many girls were choosi
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Chapter Five
Rain managed to pull her eyes off of the unexpected entryway in the ground before her and meet Mist’s gaze. “A door?” she repeated. “Why would there be a door in the ground?”Mist shrugged but still answered. “I’m not sure. I opened it earlier and went a few steps inside, but it’s so dark, I didn’t want to go alone.” Her eyes flickered a few times before she added, “I’m not scared or anything. I just… didn’t want to get trapped down there.”A small smile pulled up one corner of Rain’s mouth. She knew her friend well enough to know she would be a little scared to go down there alone, as anyone would, but not terrified. “Do you want me to stay here and make sure the door stays open? Or keep an eye out for… anyone?”Before she even finished, Mist was shaking her head. “No, it’s okay. I don’
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Chapter Six
“Water?” It seemed so strange to have a plastic container of water on a shelf, but then, perhaps they didn’t have hydration pills back then. She couldn’t imagine a world where a person had to worry about finding water.“The cans must’ve been food,” Mist said as she stood back up and shined the light around toward the chair in the corner. “Maybe people took shelter down here during the war.”“Maybe,” Rain agreed. It made sense that a room like this might be able to withstand the bombs they were dropping at the time, but it seemed dangerous to build the stairs of wood. If a fire had broken out, they could’ve burned, leaving them stranded. “It’s all so bizarre.”“I agree.” Mist took a few steps toward the mess in the corner, walking slowly. While there was still some light radiating her direction, Rain didn’t want t
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Chapter Seven
The bell rang as Rain slid down the slick hallway, her shoes losing traction, her hand reaching for the door just as Mother Swan went to lock it. Everyone knew if you didn’t make it into class before the mother locked the door, you’d be barred from entering for the entire period, and since this was a lab, that meant Rain would miss the entire day. Luckily, Mother Swan was feeling lenient this morning. She narrowed her wrinkled gray eyes slightly and said, “Good morning, Rain. Cutting it awfully close.”“Good morning, Mother Swan. Yes, I apologize. It won’t happen again.” Rain waited for a nod of agreement from her instructor and then hurried to her seat next to Cloud, trying to catch her breath. She held her lab coat in one hand, her bag that contained her tablet and the other tools she’d need slung haphazardly over her shoulder where it had fallen in her desperate race to beat the bell and reach the door b
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Chapter Eight
Rain carried her bag in front of her, both arms folded across it, as if the tablet and other odd assorted items inside were of extreme importance. That wasn’t the case at all. She was completely lost in her thoughts as she made her way to IW, trying to concentrate on what she’d learned in the lab that day, not on what she was about to do.They had done rounds, as she’d hoped, and they’d actually gone into the incubation room, or Nourishment Unit, as it was officially named. They’d watched the medical team work to bring the babies to thriving states and had been shown some that were likely not going to meet the criteria needed to continue to stay in the unit for much longer. Mother Swan had explained that once their levels reached below red level and stayed there for more than two hours, the technicians in the medical unit would “call” them, give them the cursed label, “failure to thrive,” and they&rsq
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Chapter Nine
Nothing about IW was at all enthralling to Rain, yet it was a requirement, one she’d been taught not to take lightly. There was lubricant available from a pump on the wall near the chair where 24C was presented to her, but she didn’t use it. With some of the other men, she had to. With him, she could usually find enough pleasure to go without. Something about rubbing the oily substance on her private area before she went about her duties seemed even more vile than the practice session itself.With her knees on either side of his hips on the chair, she took a deep breath and pushed up, grabbing hold of his manhood and working it inside of her. It took her a few moments as she certainly wasn’t aroused, and it had been a few days since she’d visited IW, but after about a minute, she had him entirely inside of her and let go with her hands so that she could take hold of the two handles on either side of his shoulders. She had heard so
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Chapter Ten
Opening the door to her shared room, Rain paused in the doorway as Mist turned and looked at her over her shoulder, her tablet propped on the pillow at the head of her bed. “Hey,” Rain said, not sure whether or not Mist was still angry at her.Mist clicked her tablet off and set it aside before rolling over and sliding off of the side of the bed so she could face her. “Hi.”Relieved that at least her best friend was speaking to her again, Rain hung her backpack up on a hook, not bothering to take her tablet out, and kicked off her sneakers, moving them over to the spot by her dresser where she kept them. She walked over to her bed and sat down across from Mist. “How was your day?”“Fine.” Mist attempted to smile, but it was so forced, it looked more like a snarl. “Yours?”“Ugh,” Rain groaned, lowering her head and shaking it slowl
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