Chapter 7

Rosalie woke up to her alarm clock with a long stretch. She felt good this morning. Like something special was going to happen. She quickly rose and dressed for her shift before quietly running down the hall. She had made breakfast that night and had her lunch all ready. The fridges bright light caused her to wince a little but she quickly reached for her two chicken caser wraps and the egg sandwich she made last night. Carefully getting them and two bottles of water in her bag she sat at the table and gently ate the sandwich. The mayo was perfect to egg. Though there was spice put in, it wasn’t enough causing a little disappointment. She smiled however for she knew the next time she could add a little more. The day was perfect nothing was going to take it away from her.

Carefully cleaning her plate she left it in the rack to dry as she raced for her shoes and jacket. Making sure her keys where in her hands she placed her bag over her shoulder and left. She looked around before locking the door and heading down the stairs to which she started walking to work. It wasn’t extremely far away and she could use a bit of time to stretch her legs. The moon was just setting as the sun was starting its rise. You could see light on the distant hills which caused her to smile.

The uneven road proved no trouble for her as she thoughtfully picked her steps and walked out with confidence. The night creatures scurried around looking for the last bit of food or fun for the night before they had to find shelter. Some of the birds where up sinning there beautiful chirps to the sky. This caused Rosalie to smile. She loved nature and all its beauty. The things people couldn’t see or hear was what intrigued her the most.

“Well good morning young Robin.” Rosalie smiled happily as she watched the beautiful Robin float down to an area in front of her. She had stopped her motion forward to give it time and sure enough it pulled out a slimy brown worm that wiggled in its orange beaks. His bright red chest told her it was male to which she assumed the worm was for his mate. He ruffled his grey feathers and flew away. She smiled happily thinking and hopping one day she would be able to find that to. A man that would protect her from anything but would love her like she was a porcelain doll.

Her heavy sigh caused a few creatures to  stop before they crept on there way. She knew she probably would never find someone like that. And if she did why would they love a broken person. That’s all she was. Torn, broken and scared. Three of the thing most people would run away from. She kicked a rock with her toe as she kept walking down the path and out to the road. She looked left and right before turning left to the café. She had to pass a field before the old part of the city started.

Her mind began to go over everyone she had met in the last few days. Some made her smile and some made her shutter. One being the man she ran into at the airport. She hoped he wasn’t here to hurt anyone. He was definitely a man with power and he sure looked it. She shuttered at the though of him yelling at her. She wanted a man like him but much gentler. A man like his build could always protect her.

Movement in the field that was up ahead caused her to pull from her thoughts as she looked up and over. There was something large in that field and it kind of startled Rosalie but she carefully walked towards it. She didn’t know what else to do. As she looked towards the black thing she realized her mistake. The bear turned to her and roared loudly. Her scream could be heard for miles around which caused Asrar to stir. He slowly sat up in bed and rubbed his eyes.

His own growl filled the room when he noticed it was not even 3 am. Who in the right mind would wake him this god damn early. When he heard her scream again he knew. He knew something was wrong with the women he was mated to. He quickly raced out to the patio and quickly jumped. His wings took over and guided him away from the building. He was lucky the sun wasn’t up yet or he would have been on full display for everyone. By the time he got around the resort his whole body had changed as his steel Grey eyes looked for her.

She was running as hard as she could with the bear gaining on her every stride. Tears where pouring down her face as she cut across the field once again. She was doing all she could to get away. She was to scared to face it so she ran. Not the best as she realized the bear was faster then she was. All she could do was pray it tired before her. But to her luck she tripped on a pothole she didn’t see and came crashing down with a Yelp but that was all he needed to see her. He landed directly on top of her as a growl echoed through his throat. He made sure that his stomach was not to low that it would squish her. The bear took one look and high tailed it out. He knew when a creature was bigger then him it wasn’t worth the fight.

Azrar watched him leave before his head moved to the girl under him. She was curled up all afraid and it broke his heart to see her. She was afraid of him. Rosalie however wasn’t she was still afraid the bear was going to get her. When the time elapsed to the point the bear should have been on her she took a peak. To her wonder she saw the underside of a silver reptile. She quickly rose and called out to the creature but Asrar wasn’t listening. He was hurting as she watched him fly away.

“Come back.” Her voice catching him as he turned to see her standing there, her emerald green eyes watching his every move. He carefully turned and landed beside her. His silver eyes fixed on her beautiful ones. She took slowly steps towards him in fear he would run from her. She had never seen one up close before but she wasn’t afraid. She reached out her hand to him. Asrar took a mental breath before he gently met it with his nose. She squealed happily as she made sure to keep her hand still. He looked at her confused before he was taken back. She planted her soft pink lips on his nose.

“Rosalie.” A voice called over the field causing him to panic and take off as he did his scale caught her hand and cut it. She held back the scream as she tried to race after him. It was futile for he took to the air and disappeared. She sighed deeply before turning and walking towards the voice. Chris was there looking for her. He heard her scream and knew something bad had happened.

“Chris.” Rosalie called gently to him when he came into view. She raced into his embrace as she hid her hand. She didn’t want to have to explain it. She knew he wouldn’t understand. Her mind still trying to figure it out herself. She couldn’t believe she saw one. Ever since she was a little girl she has always through they where neat. Her mother disliking the creatures as they where a myth.

“Please say your okay.” Chris spoke looking her over.

“I am. Met a bear who now is running for the hills.” Rosalie said gently though she knew it was a serious matter. She couldn’t believe bow close she was to her mobile home.

“That’s my princess.” He smiled as he imagined her standing up to a bear. He would run for the hill to. He kept his arm over her shoulder as he lead her back to the house to which he put her in the Mercedes and drove her to work. Mama Chika wasn’t there but Brent was. Chris didn’t like this and so decided he would stay. Rosalie reassured him she would be okay but appreciated him staying.

Asrar plopped down on his patio and collapsed. He couldn’t believe his angel wasn’t scared of him but who was that looking for her? And why was she out at such an early hour? His mind began to take off with the Answers and none of them to his liking.  He couldn’t be with a women who was out that early. She was probably sleeping around much like him. It broke him but he could fight it away. He didn’t ddeserveh4t nor her slutty ways. He needed a women that was there only for him and would love only him. He decided he would work out being as he was up anyways.

Avalon woke up a few hours after and quickly changed into dress pants and a white button up shirt with a blazer. She put her wedges back on before walking out of her room towards her bosses. As she was about to knock she spotted his wet body walking out of the elevator. He was trying to dry his hair with his towel as his 8 pack was on display. She just smiled at how lucky a girl like her was. Rosalie had a man that could protect her from anything with a pack like that.

“Avalon.” He grumbled as he walked up to the door. Avalon took a step back to give him room. She moved her eyes from the ground up to his.

“Good morning Sir.” She spoke with a smile. There night coming back to her as she watched him grumble. “Already for today?”

“I don’t think we should do this.” He snapped causing her to shutter yet again. She wondered what happened that he was so upset about it. He was very ready last night.

“What’s wrong?” She asked concerned.

“This will never work. She doesn’t want me.” He said opening the door finally. He threw his shoes in the closet as he dragged his feet to his room. Avalon shut the door and watched him disappear into his room. She shook her head as she walked up to the door and knocked.

“Come on sir, please don’t tell me your getting cold feet.” Avalon spoke gently. Asrar heard it and growled. He couldn’t explain anything that happened to her this morning because she would just laugh at him.

“Fine.” He grumbled. He knew this wasn’t going to work out for him anyways. He hated her.

“I promise sir I have everything set up.” Avalon smiled happily as she walked over to the bar stool. They had everything worked out last night. Avalon convinced him what he was doing was wrong. He needed to be with Rosalie, plus she didn’t feel right kissing another man. They each had a piece of pie over another glass of wine and discussed there plan today. She worked over her lines once more before coming to see him that morning. She wanted to make sure everything went right.

“It better be.” He sighed as he grabbed a black button up off the hanger and white tie. He was going to go with out a blazer. He was trying to dress down but this was the best he could do. He didn’t want to push his power in her face but really he had no choice. He worked a bit on his smile in the bathroom mirror before joining his associate in the kitchen. She smiled approvingly to him as he picked up his more casual shoe.

“Now remember I am your sister.” Avalon said as she lead him out the door. He quickly checked to make sure he had his phone, keys and wallet before shutting the door. “You have been in awe with her the moment she collided with you from the airport. The pie you ate was so delicious yesterday you bought a whole one to take home. You can add in how it remember you of your moms baking.”

“Is this really a good idea?” The mighty dragon was getting cold feet.

“It is sir. I promise it is.” Avalon smiled at him knowing he really like this women despite all he said earlier.

Rosalie took out the last batch of croissants for the day. She had to move a little slower due to her hand but she still got everything done. She closed the oven and saw the grey eyes looking back at her. They where filled with so much wonder and love she felt like he was looking at her. Not the women she had been but the women she was in that moment. She sighed knowing it was dangerous for him to save her due to the hunters around but she was happy.

“When an angel smiles like that means god has granted them a wish.” Ryan spoke gently bringing in boxes of fruit. Rosalie requested it as she wanted to make Danishes tomorrow and was going to prep the fruit today. She smiled at the cook happily as she walked over and saw all three boxes with apples, cherries, strawberries and rhubarb. She was actually excited. Cinnamon buns and Danishes where going to be tomorrow’s treat. Today she made coffee cake.

“Thank you Ryan. This will help me out a lot.” She smiled upset she couldn’t lift them.

“Don’t you worry little missy. Mama didn’t raise no boy, she raised a man.” Ryan chuckled. “And she raised this man right. So you ever need a hand sugar I’ll be right there to lend it.”

“Then I better leave the best looking Danish for you tomorrow.” Rosalie smiled happily. She really like Ryan. He was much to old for her but he treated her like a sister. He was always making sure she was eating on her lunch brakes and when she was struggling he was right there to help her.

“Tomorrow cant come soon  enough.” Ryan happily replied as he left her to her fruit. Rosalie giggled happily as she began to clean it and prep it for jam. She was careful of the Band-aid on her hand so she wouldn’t spoil it or spoil the fruit from touching it. Chris had placed it on her this morning after he had spotted it. Boy was he mad and gave her a lecture about it. Rosalie knew it was because he was worried she was hurt not the fact she was. He knew she was a big girl and could take care of herself that a cut like this wasn’t anything bad. He was just afraid she was hurt more as she said nothing to him.

Her mind wondered to the beautiful silver dragon she saw this morning. Her savior from the large grizzly bear. She couldn’t believe they where real but he was right there in front of her. He didn’t even eat her but stood there. His scales were so soft to the touch but that was because he was so relaxed around her. He got worked up when another called her name that was when she got cut. He had three horns. One small one on the tip of his nose and two others coming out his head. They did a loop around and pointed out past the back of his head. He had spikes that ran from the tip of his head right down his back to his tail. The larger spikes being along his back. They gradually got smaller from there. His wings like bats but much larger. She was just so amazed at it.

“Rosalie.” Mama Chika called as she entered the nock. Rosalie yelped startled as she was deep in thought out her Dragon Knight. “I’m sorry dear. We got to figure out something so we stop scaring you.”

“Its okay. I’m not normally as deep in though as I was.” Rosalie smiled happily as she moved the last of the clean fruit to the counter and dried her hands on the apron around her waist.

“I have a young women asking about you. Her name is Avalon and would like to have a word.” Mama Chika spoke gently. The women seemed nice and all but she didn’t trust her specially when it came to her sweet Rosalie.

“Oh, but I don’t know anyone here.” Rosalie said gently. She quickly removed her apron before looking at the oven.

“Don’t worry sweetheart. I will keep an eye on the product here. You go talk to her.” Mama Chika smiled happily. Rosalie took a deep breath as she quickly cleaned up herself as best she could before stepping out of the baking nock and onto the floor. There where a few people, most in pairs, except the single person at a table in the corner. Rosalie looked at her from the counter to see if she could recognize her but she had no memory.

“Here, this is her coffee order.” Rachelle spoke gently. Rosalie looked over at the tray with two coffee's and two warmed croissants. “The one without whip cream. The other is a caramel macchiato for you.”

“Thank you Rachelle.” Rosalis spoke with a deep breath.

“Listen girl we treat each other like family here. You may have only been with us for a day but you are family. If you feel uncomfortable or scared or anything you nod over at me and I’ll come running.” Rachelle smiled at her.

“That means a lot. Thank you.” Rosalie smiled to her as she slowly walked over to the table the Blond was at. Her hazelnut eyes held Rosalie's as she placed the coffee down in front of her. The croissant was next.

“I just ordered coffee.” Avalon spoke a little surprised.

“You cant enjoy coffee without something to go with it.” Rosalie smiled.

“My waist line would disagree with you.” Avalon chuckled causing Rosalie to as well. “Please sit.”

“Thank you.” Rosalie smiled happily as she pulled out the three legged chair. She carefully sat in it before looking up at the stranger.

“You sure are beautiful.” Avalon smiled. Rosalie blushed causing Avalon to chuckled. “Where are my manners. I’m Avalon, a sister of an admire.”

“An admirer?” Rosalie asked a bit confused. She had only been in this town for two days and yet someone was already watching her.

“Yes said to have met you this morning.” Avalon gently spoke as she saw the confusion in Rosalies eyes. Rosalie looked up at her in shock. This women knew the dragon she had met. “He was wondering if you have a few moment if you would like to meet him.”

“Here?” She spoke a little worried he would be hurt. There where dragon hunters all over the place. She didn’t want him to get hurt.

“He is up in one of the rooms right now waiting for you.” Avalon said as she stood. “Come and meet him.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Rosalie confessed as she was worried. How could she get a large dragon into one of the meeting rooms. Her only conclusion was the women in front of her was a witch. She had read enough books to know how scary witches are.

“I promise he looks scare but he is really sweet. Come I’ll step into the room with you as well.” Avalon said as she grabbed her croissant and coffee. She only stopped when she saw how nervous Rosalie was. She placed her stuff back down on the table and smiled. “If you don’t want to we don’t have to. I know I am a new face to you and your worried. The shuttering around men have not gone unnoticed by him.”

“I’m sorry.” Rosalie cried as the tears started to form. Avalon hurriedly got up and went to her. She wrapped her arms around her strongly.

“Do not be sorry. None of this is your fault. If I could I would kick the ass of that man myself.” Avalon told her.

“But you don’t know me.” Rosalie spoke shocked.

“I might not know you but I can tell he has hurt you bad. Yet here you are smiling like it never happened. You my girl are the sweetest thing in the world and mean so much to everyone you have been near. The life of this restaurant is all around you.” Avalon chuckled at the last part. Rosalie looked worried. “Trust me took a minute to convince Mama Chika to let me see you, the waitress is keeping a really close eye on you between customers and even the cook has popped his head around the door to check up on you. You my girl are protected fiercely here.”

“But I’m a no body.” Rosalie whispered as she placed her hands in her lap and looked to the ground. Avalon had gotten up and went back to her seat.

“That’s not true Rosalie. You are a somebody. Right now you are a mystery, one that has caught the attention of power. He hasn’t stopped thinking about you and your Emerald eyes.” Avalon told her. Rosalie looked up at her. “Now if your not ready to meet him don’t worry he wont mind.”

“But what happens if I make him mad. I mean he came here to meet me and now I am refusing to meet him.” Rosalie spoke worried that what Brent said would come true.

“Yes he will be but he knows something has hurt you. I will make him understand.” Avalon smiled trying to reassure her. She had no idea what she was going to tell her boss. He is going to be so mad this didn’t work and it probably will cost her her job but she couldn’t force the girl.

“Alright I will see him.” Rosalie took a deep breath as she slowly took a bite of her croissant.

“Alright, how about we finish our coffee and treat then we will go up there.” Avalon smiled as she too took a bite of her croissant. Rosalie nodded as she sipped her coffee.

Asrar was getting a little impatient. He knew he had to wait for Avalon to work her magic and bring the girl up but his patience was warring thin. He had to make sure she was alright, to find out why the human came for her. He needed to find out why she was out so early in the morning. His anger starting  to boil in his veins as he thought of all the questions.

As the door opened he got excited but that soon turned to anger as Brent walked in. He shut the door behind him and walked over. Asrar stood from the chair he had been waiting on. There was something about this man he didn’t like but he couldn’t figure out what. He knew he had to find out.

“What is a big time man in the restaurant business doing in a small café such as this?” Brent asked suspicious. He knew this man from the magazines one of his women read.

“I am here to meet a certain someone.” Asrar growled.

“Listen here, no one in this place is going anywhere with you. They all are here for ever. And if your eyeing up my girl I suggest you keep moving punk. She don’t need a rich man coming in taking her away. She’s got me and that’s all that matters.” Brent spat at him not even a care in the world. Asrar wanted to kill him and he would if he could. He knew that would not look good for his record and definitely not good in his girls eyes. He didn’t want to come across as a ruthless killer.

“So what, isn’t that for her to decide.” Asrar spoke as calm as he could muster.

“Well I am deciding for her.” Brent snapped knowing he was after his Rosalie. No one but him could have her. “She isn’t worth your time.”

“Brent you are suppose to be down in the kitchen.” Ryan snapped as he opened the door. He grabbed the man by his collar and dragged him out of the room. Asrar growled harshly as he flipped the table and walked out of the café. He had heard all he needed to hear. His mind now back to being on one thing no matter how much his heart hurt.

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