Chapter One-Living With His Mark

This journey for Ireland and Oliver is over. Thank you all for your support and love. Below is the first chapter of my book Living With His Mark. This will be Olivia's story. I hope you all enjoy! I will not mark this book as complete until all editing is complete.

Chapter One-

(Olivia POV)

It’s days like today that I truly hate being a werewolf. My name is Olivia Silvers. I am the 19 year old daughter of Alpha Oliver and Luna Alpha Ireland. I have had an amazing upbringing despite my parents' early stressful beginning but I have always felt loved and I have two great packs who have always treated me well. I had never wanted for anything and despite my gifts and my family's gifts I have had no reason to not trust those around me. My parents always cautioned me and my brother to be careful who we trusted. I guess I never learned because here I am hating all that I am because I trusted the wrong wolf.

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Shauntelle Verity
his name was lucas
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Sandra Aguayo
Is there more to this story?
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Could he be the surviving twins’ son? The one that escaped at the end of the first story??? (His name escapes me and I’m too lazy to go hunting for it. Lol)
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