Chapter 5


When I was done getting ready, I dragged my feet going downstairs, I went outside and found annoying Rosy standing next to the car taking pictures and pouting her red lips that look like those of a seductive vixen. She did not look like one, she is one. Sandy was sitting in the car glued to her phone.

I think she felt my presence or caught my scent because she lifted her head and looked in my direction. “Finally! Now we can leave.” She threw her hands in the air dramatically when she said that. I ignored her of course, her friend, no not her friend but the girl who is keeping her close to get into her brother’s pants shoved me aside and got into the car banging the door.

I sighed, it is going to be a long day, I can feel it. I got into the passenger seat and the warrior started the car then we drove off. I laid back on the seat and closed my eyes bocking out the conversation between the two. I must have fallen asleep because I was woken up by the driver telling me that we have arrived.

I stretched my arms and yawned in the process. I looked back but the back seat was empty. “They have already left.” The warrior tells me and I nod. They did well by leaving at least now I will shop in peace, I stepped out of the car and walked inside. I went straight to the saloon where I always do my hair and did my hair then nails.

I know he did not say anything about nails but what does he know? My nails are ruined and looked horrible because of all the chores I must do for him. He said that he wanted me to look presentable, then presentable I will look. When I was done with the nails, I went and started shopping looking and feeling good.

I bought myself two dresses and shoes to go with the dresses. Two pairs of jeans and tops to go with then bought flat shoes. I stared at the pair of shoes with my nose wrinkled, I used to hate flat shoes, am short, and wearing flat shoes is not helping with that. But because I am my alpha’s slave now, I must be in flats, to be able to do things in record time.

I took everything I got and paid. The lady packed up everything for me then handed me my bags, I was checking if she put everything in as I walked to the exit, I bumped into a hard wall and stumbled back. An intoxicating scent filled my nostrils and I cursed myself internally for not paying attention. I do not wish to talk to anyone and now I must open my mouth and apologize to whoever this is.

I took a deep breath then lifted my head to look at the person I just bumped into. He was tall I could tell because it took a bit longer for her eyes to reach his face, but to be fair, I was not eager to meet his eyes, I was not used to it anymore, I guess Austin trained me well when it comes to that.

When my eyes finally locked with his, different emotions crossed his eyes, surprise, confusion, recognition then finally a smile broke on his lips showing a beautiful set of teeth. I do not like the way he is smiling, that smile will get me in trouble, so, let me just apologize and leave. “I am sorry for bumping into you, I was not looking, and I apologize.” I crossed fingers and kept repeating in my head. ‘Just say okay so that I can leave’

“I wish I could say it’s okay but it’s not. But I know what you can do to make it up to me.” He smirked as he said that I felt my stomach twist painfully, if he doesn’t let me go now then there will be trouble, I can feel it. “Am sorry but I can’t, I still have to get a few things before I leave,” I told him biting my bottom lip nervously.

“It’s either I go with you to get the few things you need, or I tell your parent how rude you were to me.” He tells me and I knitted my eyebrows together. This guy must be smoking something good, when did I offend him? “But I did not offend you.” I defended myself. “Then I guess you don’t care what I have to tell your parent and don’t even think that I won’t find where you live because I will. I always get what I want beautiful.” He said arrogantly folding his arms on his chest looking at me.

For some reason, I believe him and imagine what Austin would say when this guy comes to the pack and tells him whatever story he would make up. I do not want to find out, he is just going with me to get Austin’s stuff, and then I will leave. Simple right? “Alright you can come with me, actually I can use your help as well because the person am getting stuff for has more or less your taste,” I tell him, he might as well help me out if he's going with me.

The smile on his face widened. “It will be my pleasure to help, shall we?” he gestures to the door and I do not say anything, just walk ahead of him and left the store. “Where are we going dynamite?” I knitted my eyebrows together and looked at him in a questioning manner. “Well, they say dynamites come in small packages so, I assumed that you are one.” He explains and my frown deepened.

I am far from being a dynamite at least now I am, he is right my old self, use to be a dynamite, that was until I became a slave. “I used to be not anymore,” I told him the truth and he frowned but did not ask anything. When we got to the men’s shop, I stopped and looked around. “You said the person you are buying for has more or less my style, right?” he asked, and I nodded.

“Great, then I wouldn’t come to this store, come…” I followed him as he dragged me to the other side of the mall and into another store. When we got in, I saw what Austin would like, everything here would look good on him. “So, dynamite, actually what is your name? I don’t want to call you dynamite since you said that you are no longer one.” He asked.

“Shannon, my name is Shannon,” I told him and he smiled. “Okay then Shan, my name is Lucas, now what exactly are you looking for, casual or formal?” he asked, and I thought about it. The meeting might end in something formal, so, both casual and formal might be needed. “Both,” I told him

He did not answer but moved to the casual side of the store and he picked up a pair of jeans, tank tops and shirts then showed them to me. “Now all you have to do is get the right sizes.” He tells me with a smile, and I smiled back. His friendly, I could tell by the way he is always smiling, if you look at him when he is serious you would be intimidated by him.

His body structure is big, close to Austin big with ripped muscles, chiseled jaw, dirty blond hair, tanned skin, and a beautiful smile topped with those green eyes. He is a package deal, if only I was not a slave, he is the kind of guy I would date. If only. “Actually, you got the right sizes,” I told him after looking at the sizes.

I do Austin’s laundry so, it is hard not to know his sizes, benefits of being a slave I guess, one gets to know things that normal people would not know without asking. “Perfect, now for the formal, if he a suit kind of guy or…?” he asked with a raised eyebrow. Austin would never wear a full suit, he would wear a formal shirt with jeans, more like smart casual than complete formal.

“Smart casual,” I told him and he nods then pick out a few shirts and jackets and hands them to me then goes and picks our belts, which is something I would have completely forgotten if he was not here, then he picks out shoes that would go with the clothes.

“I think we are done.” He tells me with a victory smile on his face and I could not help but smile back at him. “Yes, we are,” I told him and we moved to the cash register to make the payment. “So, who are you buying these for, a boyfriend maybe…” I tensed when he asked that, I was hoping he would not ask.

What do I tell him? For my alpha, that sounds weird, it would have been better if I were saying for my mate or for my boyfriend. For my alpha sounds, I sighed, it does sound like am just a slave running errands for his master and that is who I am. “They are for my alpha,” I answered then left him standing there not giving him a chance to question me more.

He soon joined me in the queue to pay but did not ask anything, but I could feel his eyes on me, but I avoided looking at him at all cost. My turn came and I paid. We took the bags then walked out. “You live in a pack, but you don’t smell like a werewolf.” He states and I do not answer because he did not ask a question and I am hoping that he wouldn’t.

“You are a human living in a pack, interesting.” He says again but I still do not answer, there is no need to. “I would like to know your story someday, Shan.” He tells me and I sighed. What story does he want to know? That I am a slave to a person I grew up calling brother or that I am an orphan with no parents? “There is no story,” I tell him then continued to walk ahead of him. “Fine, then at least have coffee with me before you leave.” He asks and I hesitate.

I do not know where Sandy and Rosy are. Then again if they were done shopping, they would have sent me a message telling me to hurry up, having coffee with a stranger does not sound so bad, it might be what I need right now. “Okay, but if my sister and her friend finish before we are done then I would have to leave,” I told him.

He raised an eyebrow again as if trying to make sense of what I just told him, he can try to understand I do not care, I won’t meet him again anyway. “No problem.” He tells me then leads me to a coffee shop on the other side of the mall and we get in then took our seats. “So, which pack are you from?” he asks, I could lie but I might say the name of his pack or a pack he knows.

“The Red Moon pack,” I told the truth, he frowned, and surprise crossed his eyes but quickly masked that, he must think I care but I do not. “Interesting,” he says but before he could say anything else my phone rings and I fished it out of my bag. Sandy’s name flashed on the screen, I sighed before I answered.

“Sandy,” I answered. “Would like to leave now if you don’t mind.” He tells me then cuts the call before I could answer. I looked at the phone in my hand then shook my head then shove it back into my bag. “I have to go.” He nods then stands up. “You don’t have to leave, sit and have your coffee,” I tell him, I do not want Sandy to see me with him.

“There is no point having it now that you are leaving.” He takes out his wallet then throws a few dollars on the table and we walked out. He walked with me until the exit then I turned to look at him. “It was nice to meet you Lucas and thank you for helping me.” I tried to tell him to stop there and go his way.

He nods in understanding. “Alright, can I have your number?” he asks, and I shook my head. “Maybe another time,” I tell him then I left without waiting for him to answer, Sandy and Rosey were already in the car when I got to the parking lot. I shoved the bags in the trunk then went and got in the passenger seat then we left.

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Tonie Sledge
I hope he’s her mate. Even though she’s human in these books sometimes werewolves matter with a human. Something still tells me she’s not really human either.
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Jane Walker
Lucas!! Please be her mate! 😍 I wonder who and what Lucas is? He seems really nice, bet the girls would be green with jealousy. Fantastic chapter
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Bella Jersey
Thank god bully/brother is not her mate

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