Chapter 13


“What are you doing in my land?” I jumped a little then turned, three men were standing there looking at me, I did not even hear them coming, I was so consumed by the beauty of this place and my freedom that I forgot that I am on someone’s land. “I am just passing, my apologies for resting on your land.”

One of the men sniffed the air then gave me an evil smirk, he crosses his arms on his chest then asks. “So, which pack are you from then because you don’t smell like any that I know of and you don’t smell like a rogue either. So, which one is it?” he tilts his head to the side looking at me.

“I am from the one you don’t know.” That came out more like a sarcastic statement than the truth, he lets his power flow may be to intimidate me, it works for a moment but when I want to submit Lucy spoke in my head ‘We are royalty Shan, and we bow to no one. Feel

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Stephanie Hyde
i hope they are truely good people
goodnovel comment avatar
Where in Africa?
goodnovel comment avatar
Rafaella Vittoria
Me too! I hope that bastard Austin suffers while she's there!

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