Alpha Leo and the Heart of Fire

Alpha Leo and the Heart of Fire

By:  Moonlight Muse  Completed
Language: English
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"Run little she-wolf, as far as you can because if I ever catch you, your worst fucking nightmare will become your reality.” He whispered dangerously, his grip on me painfully tight. A smile curled the corner of my lips, and I raised an eyebrow, running the tip of my nail down his chiselled jaw challengingly. “Oh but you’re wrong Blue-Eyes because I am the stuff of nightmares, and I'm here to create hell in your life. Not scared, are we?” Icy blue eyes met my unblinking bright blue. “I'm warning you, don’t mess with me.” He growled. “Oh? But the thing is, I always do what I'm not supposed to.” ----- Azura Rayne Westwood. Known for her devilish ways and wild personality, was the youngest child of the renown Westwood couple. From her days at the Academy, word of her antics spread far and fast, yet there was far more to the young nineteen-year-old woman. The skeletons of the past are never left buried, and life isn't all as carefree as Azura portrays it to be. When demons from her past begin to make life difficult, she ends up making an even bigger mistake. Spending a night of intense passion unknowingly with the infamous stone-hearted Leo Rossi, changing her life forever. When Leo finds out that the woman he bedded was from none other than one of the packs he resents the most, he turns away from her, but he forgot one very vital detail; Azura was no angel, and when you mess with the Westwood Devil, you're tied for life. In a journey of passion, fire, strength and rejection, who will triumph? The young girl with the heart of fire, or the Alpha who yields nothing but hatred and resentment? Follow me at author.muse on IG!

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Alpha Leo and the Heart of Fire by Moonlight Muse is a thrilling erotic romance novel with a five-star rating. Azura Rayne Westwood is young but brimming with energy. Her carefree attitude brings Azura into the arms of Leo Rossi. They spent an unforgettable night together. Unfortunately, the temptress is from the pack Leo hates the most. He decides to ignore Azure, but the lady is displeased. Azure is not the type to give up. Can she convince Leo to give her a chance? Or is she only playing with his feelings because Azure does not like losing?

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142 Chapters
1. My Nightmares
AZURA. The laughter rang in my ears but there is nothing merry about it, filled with malice and jeers. “Go on!” “Awe, what’s wrong, too much of a wimp?” “You’re meant to be the boss' woman, can't you do it? Too weak?” I freeze, standing between my boyfriend and his men. They are torturing someone who I don’t even recognise in his wolf form, but what else is new, this is the usual for them. I always tried to ignore his ways and stayed out of his business. Trying to focus on the good in him instead, but today, they expect me to join in with their sick games. I don’t want to do this, staring at the bloody mass on the ground, my stomach churns. This was not meant to happen. “Just pull the trigger.” His voice is devoid of emotions, his cold murky eyes meet mine as he holds the gun out to me. “I... I'm not so sure about this, this wasn’t what you told me.” I reply calmly, despite the way my stomach is twisting with nerves. “Not even for me, my little Pet?” He tilts his head, looking
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2. Kingdom of Sin
The red and purple lights danced and flashed around me, highlighting the bodies of the exotic dancers on the stage. Strippers in expensive lingerie and perfume walked around serving drinks or looking for potential customers. The dark teal booths were half-full, some with just men and women enjoying the show, whilst others enjoy a lap dance. A few men in suits are being escorted away by dancers to the private rooms. Kingdom of Sin is a human strip club in the heart of one of the busiest cities in the country, a place quite far away from my home and the chance of running into someone I knew is unlikely. Not to mention I have used an X2 scent disguiser, a formula which would make me smell like a human to other werewolves. I didn’t want Judah finding me here. The fact he may have been on our Pack territory made my stomach twist, although I kept telling myself he had just guessed what I was wearing. I needed a break from my mind and those messages, the entire day I had been unable to
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3. His Dangerous Temptation
I move back, my heart thumping. He must have heard me; he must have smelt me. What do I do? Judah may be dangerous, but the man standing a few meters from me screams of power and danger of a far higher caliber. I need to get out of here before he sees me, but how do I do that? “We can continue this another day. Reschedule.” His deep velvety voice, that sends shivers of desire through me, came. I can’t lie that the voice is fucking hot. Come on Azura, breathe steadily and focus! “Ah, of course.” “Absolutely.” I didn’t dare move as I hear the rest recede, but my mate remains. The doors shut and I close my eyes in defeat, he’s still here. “Why don’t you step out from your hiding spot.” His voice came. I close my eyes, any dream I had that I would be able to escape from him, is gone. Slowly I stand up and turn, staring at the man before me. If I have thought he is the epitome of desire and dominance before, he is a thousand times hotter when I see him properly. His scent intoxi
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4. Out of Control
AZURA. We had taken a back exit where a sleek black car had been waiting for us, I didn’t see the driver, my focus on the man before me. The moment we were in the car, he pulled me on top of him. I straddled him, welcoming the feeling of intoxication he brought. I didn’t need ten bottles of whiskey or several glasses of absinthe to forget everything, this worked… He pulled my jacket off me, and I helped, reaching behind and pulling it down from my wrists, tossing it to the ground. His eyes were on my breasts, his hand running down my arms. I locked them around his neck, tangling one hand through his delicious chocolate locks. Oh fuck, he was so handsome. Our lips met once more in a sinful kiss. I gyrated my hips against his crotch, his grip tightened on my waist, the other squeezing my ass. "Fuck." He growled, sucking on my neck. I tilted my head back, my eyes fluttering shut as rivers of pleasure rocked through me. His hand twisted in my hair as his lips trailed down my collarb
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5. Devastation
AZURA. Four weeks had passed since his rejection. That night had shaken me far more than anything Judah had ever done to me. I still remember grabbing my clothes before I stumbled out of the penthouse. I had nothing, not my phone, not my bike. I had managed to beg someone for a phone, and I had rang Liam as the rain began falling, washing away the scent of my so-called mate. But it couldn’t wash away what he did to me. My mark burned with agony, the healing slowing due to the rejection. When Liam had shown up, I had been silent. When he saw the state I was in, the anger in his eyes had made me succumb to tears. I had never seen him so enraged, and if I didn’t grab onto him and beg him that it was consensual, he was ready to kill. I had managed to tell him that my mate had marked and rejected me. If it was anyone else but Leo, I wouldn’t have cared, but I couldn’t tell anyone because it would ruin things. Alejandro would lose it and Marcel, Leo’s dad, would feel guilty over it. This i
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6. My Decision
AZURA. Pregnant. I slid to the floor against the stall wall, not caring about the germs that probably filled this place, and stared unblinkingly at the stick, my mind blank. Pregnant. With his child. "I'm fine." I said, taking a shuddering breath. I am not fine. I'm pregnant, I'm only nineteen and I'm pregnant. Pregnant with the child of someone who wants nothing to do with me. I knew I would have to tell my parents, but the thought made my stomach sink. The hurt in Dad’s eyes when I told him I had been rejected… I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle telling them I was pregnant too… What do I do? My mind was reeling, the pain in my chest was becoming suffocating. As much as I wanted to crush Leo for what he had done, I couldn’t, not without making this hard for Alejandro, I couldn’t do that to them. I already caused problems for everyone without meaning to. There was a time I dreamt of a love like my parents, but who am I kidding? My mate had ripped that from me when he mar
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7. Not the Plan
Azura. "A holiday?" Dad asked concerned. It was the following day, and we were over at Liam’s. Katara was playing on the floor, her blonde hair pulled into two pigtails, whilst her cerulean blue eyes watched me curiously. She may be seven, but she was quite small for her age. Despite her strength and determination, she was a minuscule-sized princess. "I don’t think you should be going alone." Jayce added. I frowned, planting my hands on my hips. "Say’s who?" I asked. "Say’s logic and the situation." He shot back. Moody little git. I wonder what he’d say if he knew I was pregnant, but I am not going to listen to a thirteen-year-old, who is meant to be my subordinate, tell me what I should and shouldn’t be doing. "He ain’t wrong." Theo added with a cocky grin. "Besides, you just get in trouble every damn time." "Boys, go outside. Now." Raven ordered, frowning at her sons. "We are only saying it because we care for her." Carter added, making me sigh. "I am going somewhere so I
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8. A Compromise
AZURA. I awoke to a dull ache in my back, I was in a comfortable bed and I could smell a citrusy fresh scent. I frowned, opening my eyes and looking around what appeared to be a hospital room. The walls were a pale green, with the far wall being covered in forest scenery. I was hooked up to some drips. Sitting up, I yanked them off and slid out of the bed. Sunlight was streaming through the window that was open a crack, and I could hear the faint sounds of laughter and chatter from outside. I looked down, realising I was wearing a pale green hospital gown. My clothes. Where were they? I scanned the room, my heart leaping when I spotted my luggage and coat on the couch in the corner. I rushed over to it, wincing as a pang of pain rushed through my back. Oh fuck. What time was it? Or worse, what day was it and where was I? Where was my phone? I was about to grab some clothes when one of the two doors leading off the room opened, and a woman in a white coat with her brown hair
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9. A Painful Surprise
AZURA. "One month it’s all I'm asking for, and then I’ll be a good little she-wolf and walk away without unleashing hell." I replied, trying not to let the mockery in my voice show. I gripped his wrist, forcing him to let go of me. He released me, taking out a cigarette and lit it. An image of Judah smoking his joint came to my mind, and the vast difference between both of them hit me hard. Leo oozed power and danger, yet, despite the pain, I don’t know if it was the mate bond, but I felt better around him. Sure the pain he had caused me still hurt, and that emptiness that had grown inside of me was still there, but… I knew I would be safer here until I found a way to deal with Judah. "You will behave, and you will not tell anyone why you’re here. Marcel won’t be back for a few weeks, and I want you gone before then. Deal?" Marcel? Something about him using his Dad’s first name told me things weren’t great between them. "Fine, I will be gone before your dad is back." Our eyes
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10. Struggles
AZURA. He had a family… I stared at the marble tiles of the shower walls, letting the water pour down my body. Nikki is his woman, and the boy… I closed my eyes, resting my forehead against the cool wall. He had a son… Why didn’t I know this? Sure, I never cared about the latest news, but it was never something mentioned. Sky or Kat would have mentioned it… But then again, Leo has moved away from his family entirely. Nikki seemed damn nice, and I had gone and slept with her man. He was your mate, Azura. Would he have broken up with her if I wasn’t a Westwood? I don’t know… Why did he mark me then? Does he love her? Probably… What he felt for me was just because of the bond… I was the other woman. My heart squeezed remembering the story of my biological mother. Her mate cheated on her, in fact, I even had a brother thanks to his infidelity, a brother who has been desperately trying to get to know me, but it’s been me who just hasn’t wanted to. I wasn’t ready. I felt bitter
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