Chapter 47

It was the day of the Luna ceremony and everyone was excited. Girls and their mothers were busy fussing about their dresses, hair, and makeup. While they were still anxious about finding their mates from the pack that were invited to the ceremony, three of their allies were invited including alpha Nathaniel’s pack. Austin had spoken to Shannon that day and told her what was happening and she agreed to meet with them and put their minds at ease.

At the meeting, she addressed the pack and told them that she had forgiven them for everything that had happened. They apologized for everything they put her through before and told her that they were happy that she was their Luna. After that the excitement of the even visible on everyone’s faces Sandy was more excited than anyone else, she was sure that she was going to find her mate.

Shannon was sitting in Austin’s bedroom waiting for her Sandy to come and help her with her make-up and hair. She did not look

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goodnovel comment avatar
Super rude of him! At least Austin is trying. Why doesn’t Shannon tell him to behave? It’s a big event.
goodnovel comment avatar
Fabrina Valentine
Keiron is a character by himself. 🤣🤣🤣love his character author.

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