Day 3 The Interrogation

She was wearing a yellow dress and her hair ponytails, She put lipstick and powder and sprayed her perfume. She is now ready to face the commander and the guy who named HERRERA for the interrogation, maybe they suspected that she is the one of the allies of their enemy the Sans serif and the Simpkins people. She opens the door of her room and got surprise, the two soldiers waiting her outside, it approached her and handcuffed her two hands, she wanted to get lost about what was done to her but whatever she did she could do nothing but follow.

She will go to the commander's office and escorted by the two officers for some question, she doesn't need to be afraid she has just been here to be a volunteer to help the sick and homeless children, She wasn't here for anything else.

After a moment, she now sits in the commander's office with the soldier named HERRERA, She does not know how she feels because every time the young officer looks at her she bows her head and feels ashamed. Maybe because the way he looks at her and his sexy lips and a broader shoulder that makes her thrilled.

The commander starts to ask some question that makes her rattle, not just because she was afraid of just because she was being accused as one of the intelligent agent that been sent by the Sans serif. She needs justice. All what of the things that accused to her is not true. She was just a volunteer headed here in Simpkins to help and there is nothing else.

"Do I look a terrorist? She answered bluntly.

" I told you I was lost and isolated from my group, I don't know how to get back in a town". Well, I should be thankful.... you saved me from that dim forest.. She says with all her courage and looking for an eye of the Sergeant. Again she felt uneasy everytime she looks at the eyes of the young officer, she turned her gaze to the commander to avoid the looks of the Sergeant. 

"But why you are accusing me that I am one of the allies of your enemy?

"No, we're not we just verified your identity, will it be possible that your identification are faked. We will just take care of everything.

" I need my phone, I need to contact my friends... I should not be here...

"Okay... dial it now. Sergeant Herrera unlocked the handcuffs he gives her phone and allow her to talk to their friends.

She hurried to pick up her phone and immediately dialed the number of one of her friends.

But the line gets busy and disconnected. She dialed it again, but it always gets disconnected. She just sat down and feeling helpless, there is nothing she could do right now she is hoping that she will get away from this camp, in the Arland Soldiers camp. 

How now she can find her friends? Where she can ask for help? The Arland Soldiers, but they don't believe her.

Day 4 A Prisoner?

She is now like a very important person, she always escorted by the soldiers and Sergeant Herrera all eyes are on her, she's like a precious gem that should be guarded twenty four hours of the day. She can't do things that she wanted, every single detail should be reported. The way she speaks, moves and everything. She headed here in Simpkins together with her friends to be a volunteer and helps the people especially the children. 

Although it's a bit annoying, she is happy because of showing concern for her, she served her a good meal, but yet, guarded a whole day and she is not allowed to talk with anyone else. Her life would be a little bit bored in this camp, she now thinks about on how she will escape from this prisoner camp.

It's around 9:00 in the evening she was still awake, thinking so much of what will happen next to her in the next day. She was now guarded by the soldiers thinking that she must be the one of the intelligence unit sent by the terrorist.

She got up in her bed and decided to go outside to get some fresh air. She just wishes that the door was not locked, she tried to open it and surprisingly it was not locked. She walks along the hallway of the camp. This is how it looks like the military camp? All are so busy, military trucks are come and go they are all moving fast, it seems that every hour is so important to them. She sees the military craft too and loaded with firearms.

She feels cold and trying to hug herself. A voice coming from her back.

"It's a nice evening, Ma'am"

She was surprised, it was Mr. SERGEANT who was at her back and she don't even noticed how long he was standing there.

She was feeling ashamed again, looking at with the officer he was looking manly in his army uniform with a killer smile, she feels that she will suddenly faint. She just wears a sleepy dress so it's not too good to talk with him at this moment.

Sergeant Herrera gets closer to her, but she steep away feeling ashamed from the sleep dress she wears, the officer notices it. 

"You should not be afraid of me, I won't hurt you".

She just smiled and talk again in her own language. "Lumayo - layo ka sa akin at baka matuluyan na akong mahulog sa iyo.

" What you say"? With the curiosity in his face.

"Nothing". I should go back to my room, I said.

"Okey then, sleep well. I think I need to accompany you going back to your room... Is that okay?

She just smiles, she was thinking what's inside the mind of the Sergeant? Maybe he thinks that she will gets escape.

The Sergeant escorted her going back to her room, she feels a bit ashamed it's not good to see her like this way, she never thinks about that she was now in military camp, she should not wear this kind of dress.

Her heart pounding because of the happy feeling she feels right now, talking with the Sergeant is one of the best happen now in a whole day. She gets to smile every time she thinks that they suspected that she is a Sans Serif terrorist. She thinks about now if she wants to be like their prisoner for the whole life. But, it will never happen she needs to get out of here. A military camp that sees like a hell for her. 

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