I sit, the long grass surrounding me. I run my fingers through it, my eyes gazing out across the extensive space, looking for him. I've never felt so lonely in my life, as I sit here, wondering what I had done. An anger inside of me is brewing, and a kind of disappointment. I thought he was supposed to be my best friend...

This is the fifth morning since Landon's birthday, and not once have I seen him. We are supposed to meet here every morning, but I guess he has bigger priorities. He promised, which was the worst thing for my feelings. He said that we were supposed to meet here as long as we were friends.

I don't know what has empowered me to continue coming here, to wait for him. Obviously I'm beyond livid, and I guess I just want to give him one last piece of my mind. If only he would show up so I could do exactly that...

Suddenly a figure appears across the meadow. I watch Landon, step over the fence wires with ease. Only around a week ago, he struggled to pull his legs over. A part of me is happy he's changed. For his sake, I mean. Sure, any girl cannot help being attracted to him, I mean he's an Alpha.

I blandly watch him stride over, a look of angst on his face. He really has changed. He's so much bigger now, more intimidating. With every step he takes in my direction, my mouth begins to dry, and I wonder how I'm going to approach this subject. His long legs eat up the distance between us quickly.

Conversation usually flows with ease between us, but now it's like a handsome stranger is approaching me, and I'm a nervous wreck. I look away from him, staring out across the expanse of the field. I hear his footsteps trample the soft grass.

Without a word, he takes a seat beside me.

"It's been awhile," I start. My feelings are under control, but my voice is still a little shaky. It's the symptoms of keeping anger inside me, ready to burst out when least expected. Landon sighs audibly, then gently takes my hand.

I jump a little, startled by his gesture. I glance at him, to see him smiling at me softly. I shake my head an tear my eyes away.

"Would you like to know why I've been away?" He asks. I'm wary, and I know he's going to jump to some story that he believes will fix our friendship. He's done it before...I've always forgave him because I've been afraid he would leave me, and our friendship would be no more.

I shrug in response.

"I'm sorry I never told you, but I guessed you would understand...I went to the Alpha Meeting!"


His mouth is split into a big grin, showing off his dazzling set of teeth. He's proud, and I don't blame him. Being able to meet all the Alpha is something anyone would want. But yes, he should have told me.

"That's great Landon," I mutter, forcing my lips to quirk up in a resemblance of a smile. He let go of my hand, and the absence is slightly depressing.

"Alpha Dallas is as intimating as they say, and Alpha Kaden is scary as hell," he rambles. Both are leaders of well known packs. I nod along, barely listening. I just stare into his eyes, enjoying the spark of enjoyment in them. He's just that much cuter when he smiles. It reminds me of our childhood together.

"Look Landon, I've got to go," I interrupt him. He pauses, mid sentence. His hair flies wildly around his forehead, his eyes peeking through the thin strands.

"We just got here," he says, his voice full of utter confusion. He should have made it here quicker considering the size of his legs. The fact that he didn't make me his main priority upsets me. Sure, I should be grateful for his presence, but he's my best friend.

"You, just got here. I've been here for twenty minutes," I imply. Landon swallows, obviously understanding my reasoning. Gently, he wipes his hair from his eyes.

"And anyway, I've got my first date today," I add, trying to perk up. Step one of getting over Landon. I watch his face fall slightly, his lips drooping at the corners. He licks his lips slightly, then tilts his head.

"Cyrus?" He guesses.

I nod. Cyrus has been extremely polite, and is also really smart. He's a good listener, and some things we have in common. Problem is, he isn't Landon, and his company doesn't give me butterflies like Landon's does. Still, even though I've only seen him one brief time after Landon's party, he seems like a pretty decent guy.

But I refuse to let dad know that he chose well.

"What's he like?" Landon asks. He doesn't look interested at all. Cautious if anything. Part of me wants to brag, but Landon's my best friend, and I'm not that type of person.

"Honestly, he's smart and kind. The only problem is, is that I'm still figuring out if I could possible mate him in the future. People say you can feel it if someone is right for you. I haven't felt anything like that yet-"


I'm cut off by someone's voice behind me. Landon gazes over my shoulder, and I can see him internally brooding about something. He doesn't look awfully pleased. An Alpha isn't someone you want to make angry, so I'm curious to see who's grinded his gears.

I look over my shoulder, to see Cyrus, wading his way through the grass. He doesn't look pleased at his current adventure, as if he's ruining a new pair of shoes, which is what I suspect is the case. He's carrying a sun bleached whicker basket, and is dressed in a button up shirt and jeans. He looks quite formal for someone battling through weeds.

He smiles when he sees me, his dark blue eyes lighting up. He stumbles a bit, but recovers. I stand slowly, meeting his gaze. He opens his arms, and engulfes me in a hug. He smells of baked bread for some reason.

I can't tell of I'm excited for this date or not. I do want to see if I can get over Landon, and he's not a bad guy to go with. From the Wisdom Pack, he's smart, and knows his manners. His looks are an added bonus, but my mind doesn't stray to far on that note.

"Hey," I respond to his greeting he had mumbled in my ear. I pull away slowly, feeling Landon's penetrating gaze on my back. He's sizing up Cyrus when I turn around.

I get that Landon is going to be protective, I mean I'm his best friend. But if Landon is going to death stare Cyrus for the rest of eternity, I'm not sure this is going to work.

Cyrus seems nervous, as he picks up the basket he had set down to hug me. He nods his head at Landon as a form of respect. For a moment I'm confused, till I realise that we are in the presence of an Alpha, even if it doesn't feel like it.

Okay, maybe it does by the long stretch of silence Landon is feeding like a fire, by just staring at the offered hand Cyrus is showing. I sigh in relief when Landon finally shakes it, not taking his dark brown eyes off Cyrus's wide, scared blue ones.

"I didn't expect to find you here Alpha, with my date," Cyrus declares cynically. Landon's jaw clenches in immediate response, and I want to slam my face into my hand.

"Didn't she tell you? We spend a lot of time together," Landon states, his voice firm. I Swallow anxiously. I've never seen Cyrus like this. Sticking up for himself doesn't seem like something in his nature. Obviously it's a common thing involved with an Alpha's nature, especially considering Landon's attitude right now.

"Did she tell you we are going on a date?"

Cyrus holds up the basket for emphasis.

"I'm glad you two met, but it looks like it's time for Cyrus and us to go. See you later Landon?"

Landon tears his gaze from Cyrus, and curtly nods at me. I watch him leave unsure of if he will come back tomorrow morning, or if I won't see him for another week.

I watch Cyrus lay the patterned blanket down, and attempt to smooth out the creases. He then places the basket down, and pats the spot next to him. We are perched on the tip of a hill for our date.

It's a pretty awesome setting. We can see the sun illuminate the whole of the Power Pack. It's a pretty massive Pack.

I can see the two different schools, market places and Landon's home far off in the distance.

I take a seat, smiling at Cyrus.

"Thanks for this," I say softly. He runs a hand through his hair, and nods. He brings up a random conversation topic, and we discuss it for sometime, as he pulls out sandwiches from the basket. I'm not really hungry. I was till Landon and Cyrus's first meeting.

You could throw water between them and it would freeze.

"Something on your mind?" Cyrus asks, startling me. I had been staring at Landon's house intently, wondering exactly what he was up to. Cyrus warm hand brushes hair from my face. He's awfully close, his thigh brushing against mine.

"Nothing," I dismiss, giving him my best smile. How am I supposed to get over Landon when I can't stop thinking about him, even when Cyrus's soft lips are on mine.

I just wish Cyrus was easier to hate.

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Kimberly Vaughters
this book is starting off to be real good. I hope to get some more.

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