Chapter 7


The door opened to reveal Sasha and Axel, their hands laced together to show their new unity.

“Leave us,” I barked at Axel, who flinched, but remained still.

“You want me to watch, right?” He said quietly, his eyes on the floor. “I’m not leaving her with you.”

I lifted my eyebrows, flabbergasted that my beta would continue to disrespect me so.

My eyes met Sasha’s, her chest heaving as she met my eyes.

“Tell your mate to leave, Sasha, before I rip his throat out and fuck him in it.” I smiled, examining her ample cleavage with interest.

Axel moved forward, but Sasha put her hand on his chest, shaking her head as she gazed at him.

“Go, Axel,” she commanded, and Axel flung open the door, nearly snapping it off his hinges as it slammed behind him.

“What the fuck is his problem?” I laughed, mo

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