And Then There Was Steve

Jonathan and Liza had spent the last forty minutes sitting on a chair, Jonathan glanced at Liza as for the fifth time in the last twenty minutes she refused to dance with someone. Jonathan was happy that no one else was going to be holding his Liza tonight but he was also worried about her. Liza loved to dance and although she had two left feet, she could waltz-like nobody's business. He could see the wall of defense she had built around her and he knew that he was the reason behind that wall. He knew that even when she was talking to him, she had her guard up. It felt as if there was a glass wall between them. It was painful to watch her fake her smiles whenever she was with him, she rarely laughed anymore, and even if she did it was merely a remnant of her laugh.

Liza had been enduring Jonathan's burning stare for the last five minutes and she was getting increasingly irritated by every second. Her body acted as if it could feel his eyes on her and goosebumps rose on her fl

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