The Contract Husband - Chapter 16

The Contract Husband - Chapter 16

The skimming caresses of his palm on the inner curve of her thighs brought a wave of heat to moisten her skin.

She quivered and writhed involuntarily when his fingers gently probed her wet silkiness.

The heat of his lean flesh as it sought her inner warmth was like a flame seeking to ignite her.

But it was hard, too, and insistent.

She felt her inner muscles tensing, just when she wanted to relax. She felt Carlo tensing, too.

The sinewy muscles of his legs bunched suddenly and grazed the smoothness of her thighs.

"Darling," he sighed against the soft curves of her breasts, as he thrust himself into her.

Her breath escaped on a sharp gasp. And when his flesh tore the tender membrane of virginity aside, she had jerked back from him. A sob had risen in her throat.

Tinangka niyang pigilin iyon ngunit nabigo siya. Isang pahagulgol na ungol ang humulagpos sa kanyang lalamunan.

He stoppe

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