Chapter 2605

“You’re not my fan at all,” Eliza interrupted the fangirl coldly. Then, she looked at the others with a sharp gaze. “I don’t care who told you my address, nor do I care who among you are my true fans. However, please remember that even a worm will turn. It’s just this person’s hand today, but I can’t guarantee what other reckless things I might do tomorrow. As for the information about me on the internet, I can only say that I, Eliza Robbins, have never done anything that goes against my conscience.”

After speaking, she followed the police to the police car and left.

As she had injured someone, she was brought straight to the police station by the police.

Half an hour later, Hailey rushed over with someone and had a lawyer get Eliza out.

They met at the lobby of the police station. Hailey gazed at Eliza with complicated emotions.

Eliza turned her head and asked the lawyer, “Has the issue of me injuring someone been resolved?”

The lawyer was in a difficult position. “Not yet. T
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