Emma jean waited with bated breath for her name to be called. He was calling the first partner in alphabetical order. There were several minutes before her was called. “Emma jean Scott, you’ll be paired with Kenji James at the carousel. Hurry and get to your stations the park will be opening in 30 minutes.”

Emma jean stood up dejected. Another day and for the fifth time she had been thrusted to the carousel. She rubbed the bridge of her nose hoping that would help dissipate the annoyance she was feeling. Plastered on a smile she turned to Kenji. “We should hurry to the carousel. The little kids love that one a lot.”

Kieran was placed with a slightly older gentleman. He looked at Emma jean and Kenji talking as they walked away. He pouted at his misfortune of being separated from her. They may have only just met but he wanted to cling to her as a newborn babe did to it’s mother. He was smitten with her. The man clapped his hand on Kieran shoulders. “Let’s go young buck

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