Nothing is permanent in this world and no one will stay untill end with us everytime we should move on 

if we are destined no one can change the fate if we are not destined no matter what we do there will be no change 

life is mixture of up and downs the one stands in peak stage was also started from the beginning it's the virtue of creation 

it's been a week still srinithi is being moody not going to college staying alone always her mom became so sad by looking at her only daughter in that situation 

finally she decided to break the silent walls so went near her daughter who is looking at the sky without any expression 

Mrs. Parker gave juice glass but srinithi denied Mrs.Parker also didn't forced her she brought a album that belongs to srinithi's childhood 

there are many pictures in it Mrs.Parker asked "princess do you remember this bird it's my favorite pet as it was died I'm so sad
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