Butterfly and the CEO

Ellie's point of view

Chapter 5

So It's my first night out, in a very long time alongside my crazy new friend, and I'm actually having fun…..

Erin drags me into yet another nightclub, ordering us shots before she pulls me onto the crowded dance floor.

I'm swaying to the beat of the music and feeling free; my hands in the air as we're moving to the music, that's when I can sense him feeling that now-familiar tingle down my body; I know he's here, looking up, I can see he's looking at me as the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, he's looking right at me his intense blue eyes sending an electric current through my body, I lower my lashes and continue to dance the drink I've consumed making me feel a little bolder as I provocatively sway my hips to the music.

Erin giggles as she dances with me; she pulls me closer so that I can hear her over the music.

"Hey, girl, you're wearing me out; come on, I need a drink."

She shouts over the noise, she pulls me from the dance floor and towards the bar. His eyes are still on me, sending a shiver down my spine and straight to my core; I've never been as aware of a man as I am of Zac Harris, and it's a little overwhelming.

As we get nearer to the bar, Erin spots him and pulls me along to where he's sitting, next to another handsome man; she smiles as she says

"Hey, Mr Harris, fancy meeting you here."

He does that lazy smile of his; you know that one that shows them cute dimples of his, looking at us both as he says.

"Hello ladies, can I get both of you a drink?"

Erin replies as she bats her eyelashes at the man sitting beside Zac.

"Yes, two white wines, please."

She answers with a slight slur and a giggle as she catches Zac looking at me, his eyes raking over me. I smile as I take a seat on the barstool next to him. He leans into me and whispers quietly in my ear.

"You look beautiful tonight, Ellie."

In that deep masculine voice of his, fuck, even his voice is sexy. He chuckles when I blush before he turns to introduce us to the man he's sitting with.

"ladies, this is my brother Ben. Ben, this is Ellie and Erin."

He introduces his brother; I smile back at him, although his eyes are definitely not on me, I giggle as he looks Erin up and down.

He smiles as he says.

"Nice to meet you two ladies, some moves you got going on there."

Erin giggles as she replies.

"Yeah, remind me to show you sometime."

She winks at him, and he looks at her with a grin before he says.

"No time like the present Erin, I don't think my brother would mind being left alone with Ellie."

Before he takes her hand, pulling her towards the crowded dance floor, towards the exit. Leaving me. Alone with my insanely handsome Boss.

Zac leans in to whisper in my ear. His breath tickles my neck as he says.

"So, Ellie, you look like you're having fun tonight."

I smile, the alcohol I've consumed giving me more courage as I reply

"Yea, Mr Harris, it's been ages since I've danced like this."

He whispers back,

"Please call me Zac; Ellie, we're not at work now."


I whisper his name as he puts his hand on mine. It tingles, making me jump a little; I quickly pull my hand away. The feelings he brings out of me are so intense It's a little bit frightening, and I place my hand back in my lap, I'm now blushing a very bright shade of red as he looks at me with his lazy smile and beautiful blue eyes, he knows the effect he has on me as he whispers in my ear.

"You look sexy when you blush, Ellie."

With that, I turn a brighter shade of red as he chuckles. I pick up my drink with a shaky hand, and I quickly empty the contents of the glass before placing it back down on the bar. Looking over onto the dance floor where Erin is now kissing Ben with her arms wrapped around his waist.

"Would you like another drink, Ellie?"

He asks, 

"Erm, yes, please."

I answer him back with a smile. I know I probably shouldn't drink anymore. Im already a little tipsy, but I don't know how to handle this feeling I have when I'm around Zac, drinking is the easiest option, or so I thought.

He leans over to shout to the bartender.

"Harry, can I have a white wine and a whiskey, please?"

 The man serves him straight away, and Zac places a glass in front of me

"Thank you, Zac," I whisper.

He then turns towards me, looking at my mouth before he brushes his thumb over my bottom lips as he says.

"You have such kissable lips, Ellie."


I shiver as the heat pools in my core; damn, this man makes me wet. Picking up my drink as Erin and Ben come back to join us at the bar. Ben turns to his brother as he says.

"Hey bro, Erin's going to show me some club across town."

I turn to Erin, my eyes wide as I silently plead with her not to leave me. She wouldn't leave me alone with my Boss, would she?

She winks at me before she says to Zac.

"Mr Harris, will you make sure Erin gets home safe? She's living above the cafe with me now."

Okay, I guess she would. Zac nods his head as he replies.

"I'll take care of Ellie, don't you worry, Erin."

"Oh, I'm sure you will."

She says as she pulls me in for a hug and whispers in my ear, 

 "Have fun with the hot Boss, and don't do anything I wouldn't do."

She winks at me before grabbing hold of Ben's hand and pulling him through the door. By now, I'm feeling very tipsy as I turn to look at Zac and say.

"I think they're going home to fuck."

Zac bursts out laughing, his beautiful blue eyes dancing in the lights; we spend the next few hours talking and drinking. Yes, I know I shouldn't, but you know what it's like, one drink leads to another and so on….sitting next to this handsome man drinking and chatting, I can't believe how easy I find him to talk to, there's no awkwardness between us,  looking at the clock it's almost midnight. I hadn't realised how quickly the time had passed. I also hadn't realised that I'm now holding his hand, and I don't want to let go, this man. He makes me feel safe.

I squeeze his hand as I say.

"Escuseeee meeeee I need the ladiessss."

With a drunken slur before slipping off my stool in a very unladylike manner, thankfully Zac grabs my arm to steady me and stops me from falling, before I stagger off towards the ladies toilets, trying my hardest to walk in a straight line. I know he's watching me. I can feel his eyes on me. Once inside, I go into the cubicle closing the door behind me, giggling as I realise how drunk I am.

Coming out of the cubicle, I wash my hands, looking at myself in the mirror; the lonely, scared girl looks back at me; who am I trying to kid? My life has never been this good, and I'm not allowed to have fun. Tears pool in my eyes the words slut, ugly, brainless, good for nothing, waste of space, your mine Ellie, you belong to me, if I can't have you, nobody else can run through my mind, memories of the past that I'm trying so hard to escape from. The tears start to fall as I slide to the floor, holding my head in my hands, I might have run, but I will never be free, I know he's out there somewhere looking for me, and I know he won't stop until he finds me.

Broken soul and broken body……..

I'll never be free......

I wrap myself into a ball…….as the sobs take over…..


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