Chapter 79. The Step of Professor Sari (II)

Slowly, step by step, Professor Sari and Anam moved out from the Faculty of Economics and Finance. They went out to the Rectorate building of Siupala University. In the rectorate building, Professor Mirza was already waiting for her arrival with a smile of victory. Professor Mirza and his team have succeeded in choosing Mr Dirman as chairman of the Siupala University Chancellor Election committee for the 2017–2022 period. With the election of Mr Dirman, Mirza is already one step ahead of being re-elected as Rector for the second time. Sometimes, the power feels good to someone who already enjoys it.

On the way to Professor Mirza's room, Anam didn't say much to Professor Sari. It's just a short, cynical sentence.

“Why are you so happy to criticize Mr Mirza, Mrs Sari? Aren't you tired of being an antagonist?” said Anam proudly, the rectorate staff.

"Is there anything wrong if we give the critics, Mr Anam? Why should I be tired of fighting injustice on this camp

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