Chapter 6. Those are dark rumours, Professor (I)

At 2 p.m of Indonesian western time On October 15th 2016 to be exact, Dirman met representatives of PT. Adimio Jaya on the Siupala University Campus. 

The working atmosphere in the editorial office of Media Kampus News was so noisy and busy. Some were busy discussing the main headline that would be featured in the printed newspaper tomorrow, some are focused on discussing news coverage from various fields, and some were also serious to design photos for commercial purposes.

Frans, a journalist who had only worked in the office for 2 months, was typing a script about today's student activities at popularly known Polytechnic in Blitar. He approached the Chief Editor who was familiarly called as Pablo.

"Do you already done typing something?" Pablo asked.

"Yes, I just finished it already. Do you want to talk to me?" asked Frans.

"Yes. We'll have a chat in my room. It's something important," said the Chief Editor.

"Fine, I will go to your room after this," said Frans.

Frans shut his laptop after he submitted the manuscript of the report to Eriska, the editor whose job was to check the writing of news reported from  journalists before it was being submitted to the printing party and online webpages. 

Fransopened the door of the Chief Editor who was also a senior journalist, just recently turned 38 years old. Pablo invited Frans to sit on the opposite chair of him.

"Frans, how did you feel after you got accepted to work here? Do you like this job, don't you?" Pablo asked.

"I am happy, sir. I also love journalism," said Frans.

"Good. I like your writing. Your report is also interesting. You always try to look for news topics that are unusual but easy to read." praised Pablo.

"Thank you for the appreciation. Thanks to your advises too," said Frans appreciating his superior.

"You don't need to hesitate to discuss with me. Think of me as your best friend," said Pablo.

"Fine, sir," said Frans.

Pablo gave Frans a cup of warm coffee, which he made just before Frans arrived in his office. The dialogue became more relaxed, despite the serious expressions on the faces of both of them. Pablo took a sip of coffee, then put it back on the table.

"Do you still remember Mr. Sofyan? The previous chief editor who resigned for no apparent reason when you are only working here a week," said Pablo.

"Yes, sir. I still remember. He suddenly decided to resign from his position. In fact, he was a good person," said Frans.

"Frans, good or bad can be relatively assumed. It depends on where your point of view is. Mr. Sofyan once had a black note, as far as I know," said Pablo.

"Hmm. What do you mean?" asked Frans, surprised.

"In August 2015 to be exact, Mr. Sofyan once asked us to investigate the case of misuse of funds at Siupala University. At that time, I was still in your position now," explained Pablo.

"Then, to what extent did the news circulate in the community?" asked Frans.

"That case caused a quite noise among the residents of this city. There were several demonstrations in front of the Rectorate building by the lecturers, students, and students' parent. Do you know what their demands are?" said Pablo.

"No, sir. I was still studying at the final year in Bandung at that time," said Frans.

"They demanded transparency in the use of funds for new student orientation activities to the rector and the committee, Frans," said Pablo.

"Then, what is the next process after that? After the demonstration," said Frans.

"I don't know why, Mr Sofyan asked us to stop reporting on the case at the end. This media should be able to uncover it!" said Pablo.

"I feel something fishy, bro," said Frans.

"So because of that, I want to bring the case back. Do you want to help me reveal the case again? We will find out who did it! We'll take care of the rats hiding in higher education institutions! How is that?" Pablo asked.

"I want it. Does the Police already conduct an investigation into the case, mas? I'm afraid our task will be in vain." asked Frans.

"The police had investigated it, at that time. However, due to the lack of solid evidence, they stopped investigating," said Pablo.

"Where should I start searching for information about the case? I want your advice," said Frans.

"There is only one person you can meet. He is Professor Sari, who is currently the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Finance. I think you can get information from him," suggested Pablo.

"I will find information about Professor Sari then," promised Frans.

"Good, Frans. It's enough for both of us to know for now. Please let me know if you have an update," said Pablo.

Not long after, Frans came out of his boss's office. He sat back in his cubicle to gather as much information about Professor Sari as possible on the internet. Professor Sari was well known by the public because local news media in East Java often reported their activities in economic empowerment for housewives.

Coincidentally, Frans quickly obtained information about Professor Sari including his address and phone number. It made Frans to become optimistic that he could have a direct dialogue with Professor Sari. Frans pressed a button on the office telephone. The six digit numbers he had pressed to connect to Professor Sari's residence. A soft, innocent voice greeted him on the other side.

"Hello. Good afternoon. Who is this?" asked a woman on the phone.

"Hello. Good afternoon, Ma'am. I am Frans from Campus Media News. Is this Professor Sari Ernawati's home telephone number?" Answered Frans.

"Yes. What do you need with my mother, sir?" said the woman on the other side.

"Look, I want to meet her, Miss. I want to talk further about university where she teaches. Maybe If I can," said Frans.

"My mother is still in the office, sir. Later I will tell you when she arrives home. Maybe, can you tell me your phone number so that she can immediately inform you the right time to meet," suggested the woman.

Frans mentioned the 12 digit number of his cellphone number with 1 repetition. After that, the short call ended. Frans immediately informed Pablo of the results of his efforts to gather information about Professor Sari.

"Great. Continue your efforts, Frans! I am sure you can carry out this task well," said Pablo, appreciating it.

"Yes. Please help and guide me always," asked Frans.

"Always. Don't doubt it. As long as I lead, I will protect all elements in this editorial team, Frans." said Pablo, convincing Frans.

At exactly 4 pm, all employees working in the editorial office began to return to their home, including the Editor in Chief and Frans, a 22 year old young journalist who had just graduated from the Bandung Information University and immediately got the opportunity to work at the Campus News Media Office. The energetic and always curious characters, made him always being trusted by his boss in reporting news in the world of education and crime.

"Tin..Tin..Tin." the sound of a car horn was heard in front of the house fence painted blue that has 2 floors. There was a man who served as a security guard open the fence who was always ready from time to time. The car entered the yard, then stopped to be parked. The woman in a blue head scarf, 45 years old, dressed in white shirt as she carried a red backpack out of the car and closed the door.

"Mr. Doni is healthy, right? is all good?" asked the woman to the house guard.

"He is healthy, ma'am" replied the security guard named Doni, a retired army officer.

"Thank God. Then, I will go in first, sir," said the woman.

Not long after the woman sat in the living room, there was a child approached her.

"Mom already came home," said the child happily.

"Yes, dear. How are your school activities today? New friends in third grade of junior high school now, right?" said the woman.

"I'm very happy, Mom. Rani has a new friend who is nice to talk to. I just remember that there is someone who called you on the phone," said the child.

"Hmm. Who is that? What time do the people call here?" asked the woman.

"His name is Frans, from the Campus News Media, Mom. He called here at half past 4 in the afternoon. This is his phone number, mom," said the child.

"Yes, dear. Did that person leave any other message for me?" asked the woman.

"Yes, ma'am. He said he wanted to talk to you about the university where you teach," replied the child.

Professor Sari was so surprised to hear the information from her daughter. So far, no journalist had ever wanted to talk to her about the university life. 

"Does this have something to do with that case, even though I failed to open their rotten actions at that time," she said it to herself. After that, Professor Sari opened his phone and sent a short message to Frans.

'Mr. Frans, please meet me at my house tomorrow at half past six p.m! There is something you should know about this case. I understand what you mean about the word "university life". Therefore, I am looking forward to welcoming you tomorrow. Thank you.'

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