Take care

"Here," I said, handing a paper bag that has Eion's jacket to him in his office the moment I arrived before my shift. Emma was still here since it’s still her shirt. I actually drove here earlier to get his jacket, wash and dry it so that I could return it soon enough, and got in the store again. Good thing it dried enough for me to give it back to him now.

He looked at me, then to the paper bag on my hands before asking, "What's that?"

"Uhmm… your jacket?" Did he forget about it soon? Yesterday he was looking for it.

"Keep it." He said, "I don't want it anymore."

I looked at him carefully, not sure if I heard him right. He even came back last night to get the jacket from me, right? And now that I am giving it to him, he doesn’t want it anymore. That’s strange.

"Okay? I’ll just leave it here then. Thank you again for last night, Eion." I just left the paper bag by the door and returned to the counter. Guess he’ll just get that later.


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