Played In Thirty Days

Played In Thirty Days

By:  Tophie Star   Ongoing
Language: English
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He was a player... the whole school knew She was a heart breaker... no one knew. Willis Reeler was the school's bad boy. The one who bedded girls for fun. The typical high school hottie and egotistical jerk. He was tagged: The Player. Leigh Raeken was a quiet girl newly transferred from another school. Everyone's mistake was not asking why she transferred. She was kind and nice yes, but underneath the disguise awaits a ruthless heart breaker... waiting for her next victim. What happens when a bet and endless ego pushes the Player to bed his latest conquest: the nice new transfer girl... in thirty days? And the ruthless Heart breaker sees another prey about to get his heart broken in all of thirty days? Will the Player succeed in yet adding another reckless play to his name? Will the Heart breaker succeed in crushing another heart and reputation? Will the Player and the Heart breaker both be victims of their deadliest enemy: Love? They've both got Thirty Days... May The Best Player Win.

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Susmriti Maiti
it's nice........
2023-09-28 19:37:56
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Paulami Kundu
so far it's an Amazing book.. I'm waiting for the update though.. ...
2023-07-12 15:23:24
40 Chapters
"Is that the new girl? The one that transferred?" Willis asked his best buddy Jer, already licking his lips. She was a pretty little thing, all curved in the right places and she had a slight blush staining her cheeks as she walked down the hall. So she was a shy one. Willis thought. He liked them fierce, but he could do shy. He already felt the bud of anticipation blooming deep in his gut as he thought of ways he could make the pretty shy girl become fierce while screaming... "Dude!" Jer's fingers snapped in front of his eyes bringing him out of his wayward thoughts. "What?" He asked irritated. "She's the one. Leigh. Leigh Raekens. You gonna do her?" Willis made a show of leisurely throwing his can Pepsi into the thrash nearby. The can rolled round its tip twice before dropping in with a clank. A self satisfied smirk lit up his lips as the girls in the hall swooned at him. "Consider her already Done." "Dude she's not your type," Jer argued. "She's shy, reserved, doesn't even
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PITD 1: Day One
Saints Academy indeed lived up to the direct opposite of its name. The school had no one left to be called a saint. Absolutely no one! Everyone was either sleeping with someone, doing drugs, being part of a gang or juggling all together.It was a little wonder Leigh's former principal had recommended her to a school like this. It was a school for the socially delinquent. You either join the tide and be carried away by it or drown trying to go the opposite way or very well just stay clear of the muddy water. The school itself, was painted the colour of muddy water. Fits. Leigh thought as she walked through the crowded halls. She hadn’t been able to take a good look at the exterior of the building as her mother had practically dragged her reluctant ass all the way in. From what she could tell though, the school was a three story, red bricked building that looked like those ancient places she only saw in movies. Though inside, it boasted of modern day decorations and met up with demands
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PITD 2: Project Player
"When I see your faces next week, it had better be with your completed projects!" Miss Janelle said just as the bell went off for recess and everyone scrambled out of class and headed to the cafeteria.Leigh took her time packing her bags, until the class was empty of students. Then, she walked up to Miss Janelle's table where the older woman was arranging files."Miss Janelle?"The History teacher's eyes snapped up, surprised that a student stayed back after the bell had called for freedom. She knew most students didn't like her class as they preferred 'new stuff' to 'old stuff' but she loved her job and was bent on making her students see the beauty of the past. Hence, the project she had given them a couple of weeks ago, on Korean culture."Yes.....""Leigh." Leigh prompted. "Leigh Raeken. Newly transferred," she continued in a bored tone."Right, Leigh. How may I help you?""I wanted to submit this." She pulled a blue file out of her cheery pink backpack and handed it to the teach
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PITD 3: Official
Finally, classes were over. It was time to go back to her somewhat normal life as a teenager. One who didn't have to pretend to be someone else to the whole damned school. Leigh hurriedly packed her bags and skipped out of the school grounds amidst the flood of students. It was early November yet the sun still shone bright and hot like it had no intention of paving the way for winter. Then again, Leigh thought, raising a hand to wipe the droplets of sweat trailing down her forehead, the weather here was never predictable. She couldn’t wait to be out of the fiery heat and into her much cooler and quieter room. Students here at Muddy were loud. Scratch that, extra loud and lousy. As if to prove her point, a group of boys ran past her nearly knocking her down, shouting and laughing at the top of their voices. Yeah, Leigh affirmed to herself, she so couldn’t wait to be back home. Most of all, she couldn't wait to get on the phone with Thea, her best friend and fill her in on all the d
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PITD 4: Parties
  The rest of the week went by uneventfully for Leigh. She hardly saw Willis at all except the few times he would suddenly pop up behind her, say his greetings and disappear again. Leigh had a feeling he was laying it low till the party and she could barely wait for him to make his next move. Finally, the long awaited Saturday came. She had gotten up early, well much earlier than she did on weekends to get her things in order and by ‘her things’ her hair was the major problem. The curls just wanted to be let loose and bounce around as freely as they’d like.  “Well, not today,” She told her curls through the mirror and mercilessly ran a hot comb through it again. Thea would be meeting her at her place in an hour's time so they could both prepare for the party. When Thea had asked if Willis would be picking them up, she had replied negative. He hadn’t even bothered to ask where she lived. He had however, later that week dropped a scribbled add
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PITD 5: Smitten
The house where the party was hosted was a huge contemporary mansion that stood out proudly among the neighboring houses and flanked by the tall heads of Oak trees. The blaring music which could be heard from several miles away had Leigh sympathizing with the many eardrums in the process of being damaged and preparing her own eardrums too to be damaged. Willis turned around the circular driveway several times before finding a spot in between two poorly parked cars. Then led the girls up and into the party proper. It was barely past seven and the place was already packed with practically everyone from school. One could barely take two steps without colliding with someone walking sloppily or being pressed against bodies of people who were either making out or dancing. Most people were already in the large outdoor pool, not caring that they were splashing water everywhere. Others were hanging around in groups, drinking a liquid substance from a red cup which Leigh suspected was booze a
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PITD 6: Surprise
The next morning, Leigh woke up to the chirps of birds as they sang out their lovely melodies, a god awful smell that was suspiciously like that of...burnt toast?Groaning, she rolled out and hit the floor with a hrummph, covers and all. Judging by how thick the smell was and that it had wafted through her closed doors, Leigh had no doubt that the kitchen would look a complete mess courtesy of her mother. Now, Samantha might be a whiz at adding up numbers but adding the right quantity of ingredients to make the perfect recipe was not her strongest suite hence, the kitchen failure. One thing was for sure though, be it adding up numbers or cooking terribly, Samantha never gave up on anything. She always believed that the longer she tried, one day she would get it. It was a notion that had Leigh subjected to weekends of terrible food and Samantha to another broken relationship. The thought of relationships had her thinking back to the party the previous night. It had been clear that Wil
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PITD 7: Shy Girl
Apart from the wild number of balloons and flowers on her doorstep, Leigh had not heard nor seen hide or hair of Willis since the party on Saturday night. Now it was Monday morning which also meant school. Unlike most high school teenagers who always grumbled about school and not wanting to go to school, Leigh actually loved attending school. The very act of waking up morning every morning, preparing for school, attending classes, taking notes, doing assignments, projects, pop quizzes, everything. She enjoyed the routine and rigor of school life and it didn't bother her in the least that she was attending school with a whole bunch of pretenders and assholes who only cared for themselves. Leigh had never for once in her sixteen years of schooling, encountered bullies. She had always stood straight with her head held high and given whoever crossed her path a piece of her mind which was a lot. The last guy who had tried, was much to her satisfaction, not going to be walking for the next
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PITD 8: Sica
The student body of Saints Academy parted like the Red Sea to Willis' tall, handsome frame as its six foot of male and muscle made its way gracefully towards Leigh's homeroom. He had barely waited until practice was over before sprinting out, still in his uniform, to search for her.Her. He had been surprised when she had come to practice earlier, certain that she had come for him. He had even started to think back to that morning and if she had left anything behind in his car that she might want to retrieve. His surprise had tripled when she had instead, called for Cole. When she totally ignored him and called Cole out, his blood had boiled in his veins and not from the toil of practice. He could feel the simmer of heat slowly awaken now as he came closer to her homeroom. He needed to ask her, needed to hear from her what her business with Cole was. Was she interested in him? He saw red. No, he told himself very calmly, she couldn't be involved with Cole. Of all people, Cole was an o
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PITD 9: Sammy
By the time Willis got to the car, Leigh was nowhere to be found. For a second, he felt a cold reeling sensation lick at his gut. Had she left? She had been really willing to let him take her to that ice cream shop. Had she changed her mind and then decided to leave? He had not known her long enough to know if she would take spontaneous actions like that but he really hoped she hadn't. Maybe she had been tired of standing in the sun and had gone to find shade somewhere.  Yes, that had to be it he thought, going around the length of his Chevy with hopes that he might get a glimpse of wherever she went to. "Looking for someone?" Willis almost jumped at the sound of her voice. He had not heard her come up behind him. She really had quiet feet he was thinking now as he turned to face her. She was standing with her back to the sun, her face cast in the late afternoon shadows. The wind had blown her hair out of its ponytail so that it was now dancing f
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