Chapter 18

The Full Moon tonight looked brighter than I had ever seen before. Standing under the moonlight, I spread out my hands, receiving the warmth and rays that made me feel stronger. The Children of the Moon, people once said about werewolves. Ever since the Dark Ages happened, werewolves adjusted their lifestyles, including everything about transforming and not calling themselves 'Lycans' anymore.

When I was enjoying the moonlight, a blood-curling scream was heard from the dark woods behind me. I was frozen for a second, realizing that it was my mother’s voice, screaming for help.


Panic ran down my body as my feet started to move fast. Deep into the woods, I followed her shrilling voice to the spring. A silhouette was seen standing on one of the big stones on the edge of the water.

“Mom! Are you okay?” I asked through my panted breaths as I slowed my steps down. Coming closer to the body of water, I could see it glistening

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