The epilogue - Part 2

"Sofia!" Strong arms wrapped around me, pulling me back from Anastasia. "What's wrong, baby?" Turning to her, he growled out. "What did you do to her?"

Flinching back, she clutched Dominic's hand. A fear along with concern laced across her face. 

"I… I didn't do anything."

"Adrian." Putting her behind him, Dominic warned him.

Just as Adrian was about to snap back, I held on his shoulder.

"She didn't do anything. It's the baby. It kicked." Rubbing my tummy, I took a deep breath. 

It often kicked, but today it seemed like my junior Adrian was overly energized today.

A sigh of relief left him. Kissing my temple, he cupped my cheek. "You alright? It doesn't hurt, right?"

Nodding, I turned to Anastasia. "It seems like this little one already likes you. Otherwise it doesn't kick that hard. And I'm sorry abo

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