264 - The Girl Who Cannot be Remembered (1)

264 - The Girl Who Cannot be Remembered (1)

“Uncle, are you all right?”

It was Ye Hua who first noticed that Ye Mo was acting strange. The man’s eyes were looking at the people in the room as if they were people he had not seen for a long time. There was recognition in his gaze, as well as a kind of dissonance.

“Huh? Yeah…yeah…”

After staying unconscious for days and almost crossing the fine line of life and death, it was reasonable for Ye Mo to be in a daze, and everyone thought so as well. But Ye Hua’s intuition was telling him that his uncle was not just confused, but actually not in a normal state of mind.

However, he decided to stay quiet.

Because he felt that Little Yin had something to do with this.

The young man’s eyes glanced in the direction of the little girl, who brought them all towards the room saying that Ye Mo should be waking up soon.

Ye Hua remembered that incident several days ago, that eerie darkness that made his soul tremble.

A power that could oppose n

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