The rejected Nagin

The rejected Nagin

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Millions of years ago, a norm was broken the queen serpent (nagin)fall adamantly in love with a human being which was never allowed in the snake kingdom. Her kingdom chose to reject and banish her from that kingdom and dethroned as the queen of snakes. She decides to sake refugee in her lover's house only to fall in the along waited trap . All her powers are taken. As if that is not enough, her own lover kill her to get an everlasting life. Millions of years after pleading with the gods , she is given one more chance and she is back in a reincarnation to make sure every one in both the snake and human races who had the slightest bit of what fall her has to pay ...and pay dearly with blood. She believes, revenge is only fair in life for a life.

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2022-02-10 01:06:01
64 Chapters
Chapter 1:The incarnation
Third person narrator."You have to make sure you never make any mistake " the master told her . it had been a very long time .Really a very long time. About 1000years , she has been going through this and that waited for only when the right time could come and this is the time right now. " I am sure  master, I am not going to make any more mistake " Sona said as she let the milk flowvdown her body. This was only a little of the too many rituals that she is supposed to go through. " gods of the waters, gods of all our ancestors, I call you to once again pardon your servant, she is now known " the master went on to perform the ritual of the milk that is  supposed to be only one of the too many rituals that are supposed to be performed today." can now stand up and go towards the pillar" the master said. Sona moved heading towards the pillar. With every thing that had happened in her life, she was willing to do every
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Chapter 2: Welcome blue eyed queen .
The present.Sona woke up the next day feeling totally different. It was a bad dream ..she just doesn't remember what exactly she dreamt about. She has been having such dreams the last couple of days or even weeks but juts had no idea of telling it to her parents . She is sure they could call her crazy if at all they came to know about any of these dreams. She knew one person who could help her out, that was her best friend Priya . They have been best friends for a very long time . just as she is still contemplating about the dream , there comes a banging at the door,"Sona, woke up . you have to be at work on time " she heard her mother call her which told her that she needed to woke up or else that woman will be banging so hard into the door ."Okay mom, I am dressing up " she lied hoping that she could believe her and live her one more time. " I am not leaving this door unless I see you get out, I am done with tour tricks " her mom went on. 
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Chapter 3: The revelation
Third person narratorSona is so shocked when the stranger practically turns into some one else .From the moment she woke up or even when she was still sleeping things have happened to her and she has no idea what do about all that is happening." who are you and why did you call me that " she says with her hands shivering . Immediately the temperature rises and she no longer feels her slelf. "What is happening to me , tell me " she asks him out of panic as she feels like is in fire. The heat that she is feeling right now is far much from any that she has ever experienced her whole life."Wooooochhhh" a sound suddenly takes over and it is like the world is changing right now. She is no longer in the cab but she is rather standing in a place she believes she has never seen before. "Oooooooooo" another sound is heard and then flowing water appears on one side . She looks on so perplexed at what she is seeing and then suddenly the whole pl
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Chapter 4:The revelation 2
Sona pov**still in a flashback **I stayed lying on the ground wondering how I reached here. Then something came back to my mind ...hasn't he seen me in my original serpent form. I panickingly looked over my self and realised that I was a human..damn it, I nearly died of a heart attack.  But his did I manage to turn into a person yet I still had another one million years before I had a mission of coming to the human world. Then the last words of my mom before she died come back to me."I have given you the blessing, you will turn into anything basing on where you will be at that time" this means this is a blessing from my mom. I sigh deeply and then I remember that there is a handsome human standing all his eyes on me..when did I even consider humans as handsome yet we all know they are responsible for the fate that befall my mom. "What is a beautiful girl like you doing here ?" He asks me with a smirk on his mouth . This prompts me to look ar
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Chapter 5:A very hard decision.
**still in a flashback **Sona pov.I had stayed with a human all this time and had deeply fallen in love with him. Patel and the other humans that I came into contact with were nothing like what I had been told. Every one in the serpent kingdom believed that humans were not to be trusted. However my perceptions for them was changing at this time. If it was not that my mom died in the hands of a human, I couldn't have believed what they talked about humans in our kingdome. Every one more so my dad, the serpent king warned me over humans. .That is not what I thought anymore at all. I had waited for six months and they were over . In our kingdome, if you turned from a snake to a human and after six months you were still a human , it meant that you could not have the chance to become a human again even if you wanted to . I felt so depressed since I was not going to be back to my kingdom. And six months meant the dragons might have attacked our kingdome already and
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Chapter 6:The Banishment
Sona POV.The journey to our universe took a period of six seconds . We moved using the power that Lord Shanghan gives to whoever is the next rightful heir to the crown. This shown me that the gods were not yet annoyed with me after spending about six months with humans who were our greatest enemies and threat according to what our elders and according to what I grew up knowing.As soon we got to the castle , I moved quickly through heading to the place where my dad is lied to be treated. When I get there, he is in his full snake form . In our kingdom every one stays him the snake form when he or she is in such a condition of too much illness.“Father, do you hear me. I am right here. Don't leave me.” I cry as I kneel next to him in his serpent form. The King is so sick now.“ Perform the ritual and save his soul.” I hear the voice of Lord Shanghan say. I have to make a cut on my left arm and do the same on his tail. Then mix the b
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Chapter 7: Truth about the mission
“ Madam sona” She hears a voice call me but it is faint .It seems it is from far away . Damn it! She comes to realize it. It is that if the secretary to the boss  . This can only mean one thing she is in the office dozing off at such an hour.“ehmmm” she groans loudly as she stands up meeting those of the timid secretary.“Yes,she says trying to hide the awkwardness.“ The boss needs to see you. He has said it is urgent ” the timid girl as she moves out of my office . She is confused about the whole process now.“ Let him know that I will be there in only a few minutes ” Sons says as she gets up first of all heading to the washrooms to wet her face a little.Looking at herself fully in the face,  she vividly remembers Every thing now and the reason as to why she is Here in the first place .This gives her more courage having known the mission in the world. To revenge any human o
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Chapter 8:Telling Priya partial truth
Sona POVI didn't know how to behave any was my original plan to tell her about then before anyone else comes to know about it.  She is so far the only person that I know who will not spilt out a secret once it gets her .For my parents whom I am now sure are just my earthly parents, they will drag me to the hospital claiming that I need to see the doctor. For one way or the other I don't blame them since parents always do what is to bring happiness to their children.“ Are you okay ?”Priya asks coming closer to where I am trying to remove the hands that are covering my eyes.“ You must be in pain.” she says with concern evident in her voice.“ No no, I am okay ” I say as I finally get the hands off my eyes.“ Jesus! You look amazing with these colour of eyes. ” Sona says looking at me keenly .“ Are you wearing some leases. For sure if some one has just meant you for the firs
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Chapter 9: Don't ever fall in love .
Sona POVI scrolled through the the details just to make sure that every thing moved through as he wanted them was hard for me to believe that our company had been put back to number one. With this stiff competition, it was some thing that was going to be greatly appreciated by almost Every member on the board.“ Yes, Norah” I say looking up as soon as I see her enter my office.“ Mr Rollins said he is tired of waiting any longer. He wants to get all the details about the increase in sales before the board meeting " she says her eyes hardly meeting mine. I wonder when she will ever stop being shy. She is shy in front of any one. She acts so small and timid a character that in the end makes her look weird.“ Oohh, go and in from him that I will be sending it in a few minutes "  say to Norah as I get back to my work on the laptop.“Am afraid miss, I won't be leaving unless when you have given me a hard copy of
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Chapter 10: The full moon at Midnight.
Sona POV“ You have to make sure you do every thing very well” I say to the brown serpent. Many of you already know her as Norah.“ I am listening my queen.” she says humbly still bowing down for me.“ You have to do every thing as I have told you ” I command the Brown nagin(snake )and it goes away.I have finally made up my mind. I am going to begin my missions of revenge officially. I want this finished once and for all.“ Lord Shaghan , give me the power and Wisdom to do this ” I recite a short prayer and then a mean of transport come over to me taking me as fast as lightening into my office. It is the end of the day, I have to return home .However later to night, at exactly mid night the moon is going to get full which is the moment for all snakes to in shell and get new snake.“ sona !” I hear Priya call me just as I am getting through the hallway.“ Yes” I s
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