My Own Alpha Reject Me

My Own Alpha Reject Me

By:  NeeNia  Completed
Language: English
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"Don't tell me you don't want this, Damon. How can you deny our bond?" Clary said. "We both know we are meant to be together. You can't fight it forever. We both know that we are mates.""No, don't say it, it's not possible." Damon said it with a wince. "You know we can't be together, and I don't want this, Clary. I don't want you.""I Damon William's an Alpha with royal blood is rejecting you, Clary. Goodbye."....

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good Film
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124 Chapters
Chapter:- 1
Damon stared down at the text message on his phone for the third time, frowning as he read the words from his boss. He threw it on his desk, leaned back in his chair, and scrubbed his hands over his eyes. She couldn't be serious! He sat up with a sigh and stared around at his new office, wondering what the hell he'd gotten himself into.He thought back to the conversation he'd had with Jasmine James."We need somebody for both positions; you're more than qualified for them," Jasmine said as she poured the tea. What exactly is going on in the city?" Damon asked as he took the cup from her hands, holding his hand up when she offered him the small jug of milk."It's a mess; I had no choice but to remove the head; he was running the station into the ground," Jasmine said with a sigh. "It's all-out war, Damon," she said, placing her cup on her desk and leaning forward, her head in her hands."When was the last time you got any sleep?" Damon asked, concerned for his friend. She looked tired
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Chapter:- 2
Damon couldn't stop the growl ripping out of him when he considered the text he had received. He sat there, stewing angrily for several minutes, before he heard a ruckus outside his office. His head shot up as his door was almost kicked off its hinges. He launched himself over his desk, not in the mood for any of them at the moment. As his hand shot to the blade in his left thigh holster. He whipped it out a second before realizing who it was, almost sagging with relief when he saw her."I could hear that growl on the other side of the station," Moni said, sauntering into the office, throwing her jacket into the nearest chair, and kicking her suitcases out of the way before she launched herself across the room and into her Damon arms. "Have you missed me, Damon?" she asked, almost lifting him off his feet as she squeezed the life out of him."More than you know," Damon said as he hugged his best friend, his one and only best friend. "I hope you're ready for this; these assholes are har
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Chapter:- 3
Damon's eyes snapped open when he heard a commotion coming from down the corridor outside his room. He glanced at the clock on his nightstand: 06.37. Great, he had slept in! He climbed out of bed, swiftly throwing a plain black t-shirt on before opening his door and peering down the corridor."See the vampires face...""I wasn't expecting that.""Damon will hear..."Damon sighed internally before marching through the door and following the voices down the corridor. He turned a corner to find Ram laughing and joking with two other wolves, shaking something that rattled in his hand. Damon had seen the two wolves around over the last few days—Marcus and Mateo, he remembered. He grinned a predatory grin when he looked over his shoulder, catching sight of him."Damon has already heard, gentlemen," Ram said as he stalked toward the three men, his bare feet silent on the marble tiles. "I suggest you hand that over to Ram," Damon said, pushing a fraction of Alpha into his tone, warning Ram tha
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Chapter:- 4
"Why don't you tell everyone what you had in your possession twenty minutes ago, Ram?" Damon asked when he finally made it to the front of the room. Damon had realized he needed to make an example of Ram to show them all that change was coming. "No? Fine, Ram, Marcus, and Mateo were carrying a jar of vampire fangs when they returned from patrol this morning, ladies and gentlemen," he said, looking around the room.Damon took note of the reactions to his statement, seeing who smirked and who was shocked, dividing them into two groups. He was pleased to find the group that seemed to approve of Ram's actions was considerably smaller, about fifteen in all. Maybe there was hope for them yet. He didn't miss the smirk on Ram's face."Please tell me, what is so funny?" Damon whispered as he rounded on the members, a vein almost popping in his neck as he fought back the urge to smack the smirk off the man's face. "These are someone's fangs. As if the act of taking them weren't despicable enough
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Chapter:- 5
Clary stared intently at the liquid she was brewing. She stirred it once more before boiling it with a click of her fingers, smiling when it turned a pale, almost translucent golden color. Perfect, she thought as she decanted it into a crystal bottle and wrapped a ribbon around the neck, the words 'Clary's emporium' printed on the ribbon. Nobody could say their money was wasted when it came to the presentation of her products, she thought with a smile. She glanced up when her wards went off, a few seconds before a magic circle opened into the room."Just wait!" Adira, her twin sister, said over her shoulder as she stepped into the room, closing the blinds with a wave of her hand before her mate, Jordon, stepped through the portal. "Three more orders," she said as she handed her a piece of paper and pressed a kiss to her cheek."So, has the Royal Alpha arrived yet?" Jordon asked by way of greeting, glancing into the corners of the room as if he expected the man to run at him with a stak
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Chapter:- 6
"I hate going Alpha on them," Damon said as he and Moni crossed the street, both of them activating their power as they walked. They both had a lot of "It's the same every time! Can't I just once walk into a station that isn't full of disrespectful assholes?" he asked, rolling his eyes when she smirked."You would be out of a job if you walked into a station full of decent, hardworking wolves. Get these for me," Moni said absentmindedly as she yanked the back of her shirt up so he could activate the power on her back. "You should have seen Ram when I escorted him to his room to collect his things. He cried like a baby, muttering about how you left him defenseless against the mixed-blood vampires," she said with a grin as they dodged out of the way of a group of schoolgirls, oblivious to the two wolves skirting their group."He stole a vampire's fangs!" Damon said incredulously, running his luna stone over the left side between her shoulder blades. "Did he think he could get away with t
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Chapter:- 7
Yuri franziu a testa e disse:- É sobre a restauração do Palácio da Pena. Estou planejando fazer com que a Barbosa & Guimarães e a ARX Brasil, uma subsidiária do Grupo Garcia, concorram no leilãolicitação, mas Sandro é contra.A Barbosa & Guimarães foi um presente de Yuri para Lavínia após sua formatura, mas, nos últimos anos, não apresentou nenhum desenvolvimento significativo.O Grupo Mendes, que não se enriqueceu através da construção, via a existência desse estúdio como um alvo para alguns acionistas que desejavam eliminá-lo.Os três projetos arquitetônicos que surpreenderam o país e o exterior, ela os conquistou secretamente e todos foram entregues a Marcelo, do Grupo Garcia.Agora, refletindo, ela se considerava tola!Com o desenvolvimento estagnado da Barbosa & Guimarães, Lavínia sentia que a responsabilidade era toda sua.- Sandro é contra porque acha que o Grupo Garcia é o grande nome da arquitetura e que a Barbosa & Guimarães não tem capacidade de competir, envergonhando o Gr
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Chapter:- 8
"Fuck!" Damon roared, losing control completely as he spun on the spot, a deep, full Alpha snarl ripping from him as he slammed his fists down on the counter, a crack running through the entire length of the Carrara marble slab, making everyone else cringe and step back from the enraged Alpha. Everyone but Clary.Clary couldn't move a muscle, her control over herself slowly fraying thread by thread as her eyes slammed closed. Her hands balled up into tight fists, her fingernails cutting into her palms as her magic ripped through her body. She felt it push out of her, barely erecting a barrier around herself to protect them all in time before she let it consume her. She screamed out the years of pain and loneliness, all of her anger, bitterness, and sadness.Damon whipped around when he heard the sound—the furious, desolate scream that ripped from his Omega. The sound was like a thousand razorblades being scraped over his soul. It cut through his own pain, anger, and frustration; his Om
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Chapter:- 9
Moni stared at her best friend as he turned away from them, dropping the mask he had so carefully pulled across his features. She could feel the tremble of his hand and could see the clenching of the muscles of his arm as he gripped her hand. She had never seen him like this; he was always so controlled and so strong whenever he faced an impossible situation, but this? It had been a long time since she had seen him lose any of his rigid self-control, and she had never seen that look on his face before—that gut-clenching look of absolute desolation.She knew the others in the room would see an unfeeling, cold exterior, thinking him unaffected by the situation, but she knew better; she knew him like nobody else. Seeing the rigid way he held himself, the way he wouldn't look the Omega in the eye, the shake of his entire body as he held himself back, it made her want to take him in her arms and hug the pain away, something she had never felt the need to do before. She would usually just te
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Chapter:- 10
Moni threw her pen across Damon office, almost yanking her hair out as another wave of self-hatred reached her through her best friend bond with Damon. It had been the same for the last two days, a constant flow of anger, desperation, pain and self-loathing, over and over again, interspersed with short periods of numbness, a void of nothing where he clammed up and retreated into himself, trying to hide from it all.She couldn't take any more of it. She was just about holding the station together. She had begged, cajoled, shouted and tried to bribe him into leaving his room, to come back to work and try and put it behind him, he wouldn't listen though. She jumped to her feet and stormed through the station, glaring at anyone who dared look at her, maybe it was time to order him to pull himself together, it was for his own good!Damon stared up at the crystal chandelier hanging above the foot of his bed, counting, constantly counting. 972. The chandelier had 972 crystal drops. There were
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