"I don't know Melo... I mean... I know they are starting a new life but is this really necessary?" 

"Now Lilly, this is simply something to help you guys with your stress and anxiety with starting over and having to change everything in your life. It is not necessary but I recommend it, going young lady." Melo looks at the young girl, who is nervously looking at other man hand, she is just fourteen and it's better if anyone takecare of her.

Lilly lost her parents in gang war so her uncle amd want to takecare of her the year before and is still only a teenager. She scared to death of what she knows  and the moment she find out she have to live with her uncle aunt but it's best and Melo trust the other couple, he is leader, and he don't want things would only get worse inside his gang.

After taking care of Lilly Melo look towards a last child, a three year old who also lost his family. Their work is to protect others but sometimes they can't even protect

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