Summer Camp

Summer Camp

By:  Jadevine  Completed
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Adonis Elsher is the charming basketball captain of Cyprus Boys High with the record for dating the most number of girls in a year. However, now he seems to be genuinely in love with an artistic girl named Andrea from the neighbouring high school, whom he follows on a summer art camp to the national park. But, at the camp, he happens to meet another girl, Elena, who he soon finds out is not a girl. He is just about to reveal the impostor, Theodore Reigns to everyone, when he notices the boy's enchanting green eyes behind blue lenses. From that moment on, things started to change for Adonis.

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I love this story a whole lot… I think I’m Bi
2024-05-27 19:16:13
43 Chapters
1. Trouble
Theodore's POV 'Gosh! What have I gotten myself into? I can't believe I agreed to this! What was I even thinking?' I mutter under my breath as I step my feet down the aisle of the large single-decker sleeper bus already filled with a lot of girls and guys. I feel my hands and legs tremble as I sense myself getting stares from the people already seated on either side. With a heavily thudding heart, I scurry to the back of the bus, keeping my gaze on the dark vinyl flooring. Finally, I find an empty seat towards the back. I quickly haul my luggage bag off my shoulder and slump down on the window seat, placing the bag beside me. Once I fish my phone out of my pocket and check my hair and face in the camera, making sure everything's alright, I let out a sigh and lean back against the seat, pulling up the neck of my top a little. I think I quite look like a girl now. But the boobs, I think they are a little bigger than what was necessary. Maybe that's why all the guys were staring at
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2. Handsome
The tall handsome dude with tousled dark hair and bright blue eyes slumps down beside me and raises an eyebrow at me, probably noticing my surprised expression. "Do you know me?" He asks me as I don't speak anything. I shake my head and immediately turn my face, looking out of the window. I hear him let out a chuckle. Yeah, I know him. He is Adonis Elsher, the Basketball captain of Cypress Boys High. Their school always wins Basketball matches and it's mostly because of him. A few months ago, they came to our school for a match and they got the cup. But I really didn't expect him in this Art camp. I didn't think a guy like him would be good at drawing. "Hey, what's your name?" He leans forward on the seat, looking at my face. Gosh! Why does he want to know my name? I'm already having a bad feeling that he is going to catch me in the act. I pretend like I don't hear him because of the music in my ear. I had actually paused it earlier to hear the girls talk. And the next moment,
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3. Roommates
"Hey! Are you all sleeping?"Mr Alberty, the Art teacher from Merganzel public school and the one among the two teachers in charge of our camp asks through the microphone, making everyone stir in their seats. "C'mon, wake up all of you. We'll be at Hondbill National Park in five minutes. Hey there! Wake the one sleeping beside you."There was nobody beside me. Adonis was still in the back with the dudes."Guys, before we reach there, I'd like to give you a few quick instructions although I'm sure you've been instructed enough from your schools," Mr Alberty clears his throat when everyone finally stirs awake. "Like in the brochure, we are staying tonight at the Blue Hills Hotel fifteen minutes away from the southern entrance of the park. To reach there, we'll have to walk a little and climb a few steps from where our bus is going to stop. So, every one be together. Don't get lost.""Once we reach there, rooms will be alloted to all of you. We are 38 in total, 15 boys, 21 girls and th
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4. Pissed
"Hey! I'm going to go join Andrea's table. You coming with me?" Adonis says as I turn around after I get my dinner from the counter. I thought he already left but he was actually standing there, waiting for me. I look at Andrea's table and it was already filled with a lot of girls and guys. I shake my head, "there's no space there." "C'mon there's enough space for four more!" He says and grabs my wrist, taking me aback. "W..Wait!" I gasp in shock. But he keeps walking, dagging me along with him, totally ignoring my protest. "Hey, can we join you guys?" He asks when we reach near the table, earning a hard glare from his crush. "Oh sure, c'mon," the girls all smile brightly and starts moving their chairs to make space for him. He smiles back at them and finally frees my hand before placing his food and drink on the table. I watch as he go off and quickly snatch two chairs from around the nearby table. He manages to thrust one of the chairs right opposite to Andrea in between two
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5. Not a girl
Adonis' POV "What?! Online!? What is she doing online at 1 am? Who might be she chatting with?" Ah! This girl! I lost the mood to read. I close the comiXology website where I had just started reading a new comic, along with all of the other tabs in the background before placing my phone near my pillow. With a sigh, I close my eyes and try to sleep, but it seems like I won't be able to get any sleep today. Why is she playing too hard to catch? Does she actually hate me? But, what did I do? I mean all the girls seem to like me, except her. Why only her? What should I do now to make her fall for me? I roll on to my stomach and squirm my face into the pillow, feeling frustrated. I came here just to spend time with her but she is mad at me for coming. It's been a month already. I think I'll have to give up on her, if she doesn't like me back even after this camp. "I'm..I'm sorry." Wait! What's that? Is she talking in her sleep? I roll on to my back and sit up on the bed, only to f
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6. Teddy bear
Theodore's POV He is actually nice. Thank God, he decided to not tell anyone! I really though it was all over. I leave a sigh, turning off the tap and patting my face dry with my towel. Looking at myself in the mirror, I wonder how he found out. Johny and Elena said nobody was going to get any suspicion. Now will everyone else find out the truth tomorrow? I'm scared. Shall I run off from here? But that too won't help now! "Hey little one, are you done yet?" "Yeah, coming.." I shout back to Adonis. Why the hell is he calling me little one? I'm only an year younger than him. Letting out a sigh, I open the door and step out of the bathroom to see the two beds now pushed together in the centre and Adonis sitting right in the middle, with his phone in his hands. He stares at my face as I looks at him confused "Why did you push them together?" I ask. "'s.." he flashes me a sly smile. "Now that we are both boys, I thought it was okay. And you seemed to be having a nightmare ea
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7. Flirt with me
Theodore's POV "Hey..! Hey..! Wake up little one. It's 6." Who is little one? I try to move my limbs but I can't. A heavy weight is holding me in place. I let out a groan and rub my face against the pillow. But the pillow strangely feels hard and it beats like a drum. And then I hear someone laugh while somebody runs their fingers through my hair, softly strocking it. "Mom!" I flinch open my eyes. "I'm not your mom." "Shit!" "That's the first thing you say after waking up, Theodore?" Adonis frowns at me and then stares into my eyes. "W..What?" "Your eyes look brighter in the morning." "Uh...oh.." He likes my eyes? But he got such alluring blue eyes! I stare back at his eyes and he smiles at me, strocking my hair again. "You know what, you really are a hard sleeper. You didn't even hear the alarm. Are you always like this or today you got particularly comfy that you didn't want to wake up?" "No! It's not! L..leave me," I struggle against his chest, trying to free myself.
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8. Without me
Adonis's POV Trees, grass, hills, it's all green! It's green all around! And the green is suddenly intoxicating me. It all reminds me of last night. Two bright green orbs underneath thick brown eyelashes. But it's blue now. Blue similar to mine, blue like Andreas. And it looks dull! "What are you looking at? Is my contacts and hair alright?" A worried frown takes over his features. "'re looking fine," I say and tilt my face, looking at the far away green hills. What the heck is wrong with me?! "Adonis.." he whispers. "Hmm.." I turn my head back to look at him. "Look, your crush is holding hands with that guy." "Who? Which guy?" I say and look in front to see Andrea and Shane Spencer holding hands. "How dare he!" "Shh..quiet!" The little one beside me giggles. I look at him to take in the joyous sight of deep dimples forming on his cheeks. "C'mon..I need your help now!" I grab his hand and starts walking briskly to catch up with Andrea. "Wait! Wait! I'm not prep
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9. Forget Me
Adonis' POV "Adonis, there's space beside Andrea. Why don't you go and sit near her?" Theo whispers to me, leaning sideways, his long wavy brown wig tickling my arm. "I don't want to," I shake my head. "Why?" He frowns. "Cause, she is a great artist and I can't draw that well. I might feel uncomfortable sitting and drawing beside her." "I see.." he chuckles. "So you really cheated in the competition!" "What about you? What are you going to do now? Can you at least draw a hill?" I ask him. "I can!" He claims rather confidently. "Okay let's see. If your portrait is better that mine, I'll do anything you say." "Okay.." he nods with a mischievous smile on his lips before he averts his eyes to his drawing sheet. Can he actually draw? But he can't be better than me, right? I stare at the lake infront of me and the distant hills behind it. We were on the banks of Lake Pryor which runs through the national park and we were all given the task of capturing the wonderful scenery in a
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10. Someone Like You
Theodore's POV "C'mon Eric! They say you sing very well. C'mon, sing a song for us!" Mr Alberty calls out to Eric through the mike while Eric laughs and shakes his head, sitting beside me. "C'mon dude, don't be shy!" Some dude shouts. Another group of people start cheering for Eric. "E-ric! E-ric! E-ric! E-ric! E-ric! E-ric!" At last, Eric gets up from beside me, laughing. "Okay, okay calm down guys. I'll sing!" People cheer and clap and eventually, everyone goes silent as Eric gets the mike from Mr Alberty and goes to the center. He starts singing the song 'For You' and everybody queitly listens to him. He was actually singing pretty well. So, currently, we are all sitting around the night fire in an open ground, singing, dancing and playing games after having dinner. Earlier in the evening, we together made 14 tents for us to sleep at night and after that Mr Alberty and some guys together made the night fire in the center. Apparently, Eric is Adonis's tent mate tonight, togeth
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