I had two options, it was either, I get married to Alvin or have my family on the streets and homeless, thus after weighing my options, I went with the first, by giving in to the demands of my mom, "fine!! I'll get married to Alvin and save the legacy of my father,".

My words made mom happy, Tori rushed out and hugged me after paying heed to our conversation, somehow I felt that my life was going to change drastically, only time will tell, how it will.

The same day, mom called Alvin home after informing him about my decision, he strolls in holding a piece of documents in his hands, ambling close to us.

"Good evening auntie" he greets mom and veers to Tori donning a weak smile, "good evening tori, how are you?" He asked taking notice of my presence behind. 

"Hello, beautiful!" He smiles lovingly at me, mom noticed what happened and signaled I reciprocate his greets as well, "hello Alvin" I turned my eyes away from his.

Alvin Smudge a smile on, pulled out the documents over to me, and said, "please read and let's finalize everything".

I ran through the entire words in the documents, thus when my eyes got through the last words, I lifted my head, "wait! We would be married for six months?". 

"Yes! Six months, so, starting from tomorrow, we would be getting prepared for our wedding, and please I beg you, don't try to do anything stupid okay". He adds for my response.

"Idiot!!" That was my head talking but my mouth said a different thing, "okay!!! No problem.

Before a twinkle of an eye, the following morning, Alvin took care of the pending issues on the ground, dad's debts got cleared off and now, it was left for the wedding profession to begin. 

The same day, I got a call from my soon-to-be husband, he says and quote, "come meet me at Liza's coffee shop, I have something for you?" And cuts the call without a single goodbye for me, it's not as if, I am complaining but, it's rude. 

So, after a stroll around, a walk into the coffee shop, it was a few blocks away from home.

"Hey!!! Miss danger!" He gains my attention by yelling out a weird name, thus, I stepped further like an angry bird and said, "excuse me! Did you just call me miss danger? Do I look dangerous to you?" I inquired, basically demonstrating how angry I was.

Alvin quietly watched and wore a funny look at me, it felt like he was enjoying seeing me in such a way,  he stared quietly and underneath brought out a package and tossed it to me.

"What's this?" I pulled down my eyes to check, yet he still maintained his gaze on me.

The content of the package was a document, and not just any documents, a power of attorney, which states that I am the legal owner of everything father owned. 

"Now! You can stop venting your answer on me!". He giggled out his word and left after paying for the coffee, he ordered.

The second I got back to my senses, he had already left, did I misunderstand who Mr. Alvin Fisher is? Or is he trying to buy my truth just because of the situation on the ground?. 

{Back home}

I got back home and walked in on my father's younger sister at home, aunt Marietta, she was the closest to dad, when he was alive and to me.

"Good evening auntie" 

She gained her attention to me donning a gloomy look. 

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