18_ awake

We temporarily let Killian have a vacation, hahaha, but don't worry, Daddy Kyzer will be here!



For three days, uncle Colton helps me to learn all of the things that I need to know, inside and outside of the palace. He brought me a lot of books that I need to study and memorise. He brought me to the secret museum of the palace to see the paintings of all the people that I needed to recognize so no one could suspect that I was just a replica of my twin. All of the paintings of the highest rank of the group and even the late alphas were there.

It's good that I'm good at memorising.

I realised that the girl that Killian was with when my group caught them was none other than the princess herself.

I clench my fist... If I had known, I might have used her to make this palace fall to the ground in an maybe that's an indication that I have to take it slow. Every move that I make, I have to think about it first. I only have one chance.

Now that I think about it, maybe tha
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