Chapter 3: Meredith is Asked to Dinner

Taylor was in a great mood as the walked back to the office building. She was excitedly thinking about all the ways she could make Meredith sexy without going too over the top into the slutty zone for her meeting. She would have two weeks to try out different outfits so she could come up with the best one. 

The biggest question was how to teach her to put it all together right in such little time. She couldn’t use up all of Meredith’s time because she needed to work on the actual project. If it wasn’t good enough Edward wouldn’t even attend the meeting.

“Sleepover.” Taylor mumbled as they continued to walk.

“Huh? Did you say sleepover?” Meredith asked. Taylor had been off in her own little world randomly mumbling things since htey had left the cafe.

“Yes. We should have a sleepover the night before your meeting so I can help you get ready in the morning.”


“Don’t worry your cat will be fine for one night alone. He might even enjoy the time away from you.” She chuckled to herself but Meredith didn’t find it amusing at all.

“Dino will miss me if I leave him for a night.” But Meredith knew she wasn’t going to win this.

“It’s either a sleepover at my place or I bring my salon to your apartment.”

“Those are the only options I have?”

“Or I could teach you to do it yourself over the next two weeks.”

“Sleepover.” She agreed as they had reached the entrance to the building and waited while a guy in a serious hurry rushed in ahead of them. Most people at Maxwell Sharpe Marketing Inc. were very serious about their work and always trying to climb to the next position or at least get a raise and those fancy bonuses that were promised each year. 

Meredith and Taylor walked in and as usual Meredith’s badge was lost in her chaotic mess of a bag. 

“Don’t you think Meredith is sexy?” Taylor asked the guard without thinking. She was trying to come up with some ideas and just opened up her mouth and invited the guard into her thoughts.

“Umm. Yes, Meredith is a very beautiful young lady.” Ben the guard responded.

“You would invite her to dinner wouldn’t you?” Taylor knew she could get Edward MAxwell to invite Meredith to dinner. And even if he didn’t date her for long he only needed to date her long enough to meet Taylor and then of course it would only be right to be the rebound when or if they broke up. And, of course, if they did end up married Taylor would get friends benefits and possibly live in the west wing of their mansion. No make it the east wing so she could possibly see Lake Michigan from her window.

“Yes.” He looked from Taylor to Meredith and then straightened up and stood even taller than he was before. “Meredith, would you like to have dinner with me this Friday night?”

“Huh?” Meredith wasn’t paying attention as she was searching for her badge which she just found snagged on something at the bottom of her purse.

“Oh no. Not now, Smith. She has a huge project this week. It's due next Friday.”

“Oh. Sorry.”

“But that was perfect” She added a wink and the guard blushed crimson.

“Thank you.” He said in a near whisper.

“Found it! What’s going on? What did I miss?” Meredith looked back and forth between Taylor and Ben trying to figure out why he was beet red all of a sudden.

“Nothing. Smith just asked you to dinner Friday night but I told him you are working on a super important project and would have to postpone.”

“Huh? He did?”

“I did.” Ben told her, still red as a delicious apple.

“Oh. Sorry Ben. She is right. I have a huge project. Rain check?” She wasn’t sure what to say really. She liked Ben. He was really nice but she had been avoiding dating the last two years and she was actually busy with work.

“Definitely.” Ben’s red face lit up with excitement as Meredith swiped her badge over the reader and headed towards the elevator. Once inside the elevator as the doors closed she looked over at Taylor.

“What?” Taylor asked, feigning innocence.

“Did you have something to do with that?”


“So not only am I supposed to be getting married in two weeks, but now I also have a raincheck for dinner with Ben?

“Hey the more options the better. Speaking of options I have a mixer through an singles event app I’m part of they need an extra girl and I told them I would bring some one.”

“So now I’m going on two dates before I get married to one of The Davids?”

“Exactly.” Taylor said as she got off on her floor and finger waved goodbye to Meredith who just sighed and rolled her eyes as she rode the rest of the way to floor sixteen.

“Who’s The Davids?” asked a librarian looking older woman in the corner of the elevator Meredith hadn’t noticed was there.

“I’m not entirely sure about that myself.” Meredith responded resigned.

“Well if you find out let them know Betty on floor twenty is single and ready.”

“Will do.” Meredith promised as she exited the elevator ready to get back to work.

-- Author's Note:

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Lisa Huey
I think Taylor is fun and just what Meredith needs. I wish I’d had a Taylor in my 20s.

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