Chapter 7

"Sir, the place we are going to isn't suitable for people like us. So I would like to tell you to stay calm.", Paul warned Mr Dixon who was looking outside the window and watching the car being devoured by a big tunnel.

Cars were passing by. Some were looking at his car repeatedly while driving. It was a daily scene for Mr Dixon. But he was awestruck when he saw a tunnel beneath the tunnel! It happened a while after they entered the first one. Suddenly Paul told the driver to pull the car aside. He got down from the car and went near the tunnel wall. Mr Dixon was dumbfounded seeing a voice checker inside the wall. 

Paul took a deep breath seeing Mr Dixon staring at him intensely. He let out a sigh and went near the checker. A voice came out from inside when he tapped the button, “Say the code!”

“Fuck you, Roveign!”

“Voice recognised. You can enter now.”

“.................” Paul was about to cry. Mr Dixon watched the whole show. He was so loud that Dixon was on the verge of laughing. But he hardly held himself back. “What was that code? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Who dares to set such a code… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!”  Deep inside he was laughing…..

Roveign city was a well-known place for its fantastic law. As for the law, it meant that nobody could badmouth the city or the government even if they were the devils playing the games! People had to tolerate their wrongdoings for they had no power against them. Money had devoured the city long ago and rich people overpowered the commoners. There were no rules, nor justice. All that mattered was money! A group of people tried to oppose such a system, but the system shut its mouth in no time. 

However, it didn’t take too long to know who was the person behind the daring deed. The secret door closed after they entered the tunnel. For a while, they could only see a long tunnel with no lights. They had to pass the road with the help of the front lights of the car. Mr Dixon was watching the road carefully and was waiting for the unexpected. He was so curious and excited that he even forgot to blink. After finishing the trip on the long dark road, they saw a gate from where a bright light could be seen. 

They were astonished to see so many people behind the big gate. Colourful lights were flickering everywhere, although the place was kinda deem. There were so many casinos, nightclubs, fashion houses and many bright places. People there were dressed like thugs and goons. But some decent people also could be seen every minute who wore coats and pants.

A group of thugs were beating a person in a corner. The man was shouting to the Inhumans for mercy. Mr Dixon could hear his scream even though his glasses were closed. This type of scenario used to make him disgusted, but then he was engulfing it as if he had entered the wonderland! He was losing his mind imagining his nephew's state. He was anxious to think about a similar situation happening to the boy. So, hoping was the only thing Mr Dixon could do at that moment while sitting inside his car and watching the man beaten to death. 

In front of some bars and nightclubs, couples were doing nasty kisses and some were touching themselves indecently. Some of them were even having sex in corners and front of people. But it seemed that others were enjoying the show. They didn’t bother at all as if it was usual.

The whole place was so dark and gloomy like a lunar night and the atmosphere was really heavy to breathe. Mr Dixon was wondering where he had entered. There were so many buildings and the road seemed to be never-ending! He couldn’t even imagine that there was a place beneath the city. And it almost looked like one itself, like a city beneath the Roveign city.

How many days it would've taken to build this place and who made it, Mr Dixon was wondering that. He was curious to find the person behind it. But little did he know, it was his nephew who built this empire. 

Beyond their expectations, it took almost half an hour to reach the main headquarters which was exactly in the middle of that mysterious place. It was a huge building decorated with colourful lights. There was a long queue and four guards were checking every single person who was at the gate. They were more like thugs than bodyguards. They had tall and huge bodies, they had muscles which you couldn't see daily! 

Suddenly a person started shouting at the gate, "Mothefucker!!! I told ya that ain't got nothing to do with that blondie!! Why wouldn't ya lemme through, huh??"

"You don't have perm! Get the hell outta here boy!! Don't show that ugly face of ya'r anymore!!"

The boy was jumping like a monkey and making a scene. He spat in front of the road and shouted, " The boss is now under a bitch?!! Shame on ya!!" He looked up and screamed, " Hey ya hearing me?? Are ya inside the pussy?? Is that why you forgot your man??!! You damn fucker!"

The guards who looked like golems came forward. They had murderous looks on their faces. One of them suddenly punched the boy that he flew away and hit a motorbike parked in the distance! "Shut ya'r damn hole, you fucker!! Who are ya shouting at?", he shouted.

"This bastard has forgotten his place. Grab him!" The most terrifying of them signed the others in his team to pick him up. 

The boy couldn't even move properly but he somehow managed to wave his hands as if he was telling them to stop. But they lugged him aside and started beating him mercilessly! Paul gulped at the scene whereas the driver was also staring with huge eyes. His mouth was open and fear was stamped on his face. 

"Sir...would you like to proceed yet?", Paul was hesitant.  

"Are...are you sure that..this is the place?", Dixon could hear his heartbeats. He couldn't even think properly let alone speak! "I...I mean is this the place where he grew up?"

Paul replied with a sad smile, " I would like to deny but...haha..yeah!"

Mr Dixon was silent for a moment but he got out of the car without replying to Paul. He fixed his coat and then walked towards the gate. Paul also followed him after telling the driver to park the car near. The other cars had also come inside the tunnel with them but Mr Dixon's bodyguards stayed inside the cars since they were warned to sit tight and not take any actions. 

"Sir! Wait! Wait for me!!" Paul rushed to Mr Dixon. 

Thanks to Paul's thorough work on this, they entered the building easily after showing the invitation. They saw a huge crowd as soon as they entered the building. A rock song was being played at the back and the DJ was changing the song from time to time. It was kinda disturbing since people were focusing on skinship more than enjoying the music or even the nighttime in the club as if they only came here for free drinks, food and girls! 

A man in a hoodie walked through the crowd. He had the same features as the men outside the gate. Mr Dixon’s heart skipped a beat, he was scared to even look at him. The muscular man came near Paul and Mr Dixon. Paul whispered to him something. More like he shouted at him, being unable to talk properly because of the crowd and loud music. After talking for a bit, the man gave a sharp look at Mr Dixon and pointed to follow him. 

“Sir, let’s go.”


“To meet the person you’ve been dying to meet.”, Paul smiled brightly but his face was hidden behind the nightshade lights of the club. It was so dark that his expression escaped Mr Dixon, but Paul’s polite voice gave strength to him. 

Mr Dixon followed the man inside the club and Paul tagged along. They passed through couples who were drinking and some were even dancing. They were shouting crazily like dogs. The deeper they went, the thicker the crowd got. There was a swimming pool right beside the stairs to the second floor. People were playing with the water there. There was another DJ and a drinking bar in the corner. Some girls were flirting with boys while having drinks. The bartender looked kinda decent to be a thug or a goon. He was constantly shaking the glasses. The beautiful blue and pink shades of a drink caught Mr Dixon’s eyes. It was like hydrangea flowers were dissolved in it to make a starry night drink! It was so beautiful that his eyes stuck on it until they ascended to the second floor.

There were also two men guarding the door wearing decent clothes like rich men. They were intimidating but they cordially greeted them. Mr Dixon couldn’t believe his eyes to see another world so different from the first floor. It was so bright as if he was in heaven. People were laughing and the betting sounds were like jingles to Mr Dixon. The shuffling sounds of cards and people cheering loudly were proof of this place being a casino. 

Mr Dixon was amazed to see some well-known celebrities in the room. “Yesss!! I’ve won!” A man in a blue suit shouted. He was wrapped around by a woman. They kissed as soon as they hugged each other, rejoicing in their win. 

The other party was shaking, but he managed to accuse the winner of cheating. The winning party didn’t stay quiet either and opposed his accusation. They stopped as soon as the croupier declared that the man didn’t cheat. 

“Ugh!!!! My two million!!”, shouted the man who lost. He left the table crying while the other person told the croupier about another deal. It was the same scene on other gambling tables. Some were the winners and others were the losers. This is the life of gambling because it has only two sides: Win and lose. The main player here was luck and people’s strategy, but mostly luck.

Mr Dixon was rolling his eyes around to check the place carefully. But his eyes stuck on a man who was standing inside a glass room, a floor above where he was standing. He had brown hair and a handsome look even though he had a figurine like those thugs as gatekeepers. He was holding a wine glass and was looking around. It seemed he was alone in the room.

The young man honoured his glass as soon as Mr Dixon and his eyes met. The man in the hoodie returned his gratitude. He grinned back and called him to his room. Mr Dixon was feeling embarrassed since he was just about to wave at the man, but he stopped as soon as he realised he was mistaken. While they were entering the room he was thinking about the young man. He was surprised to see a carbon copy of his brother-in-law. It was beyond doubt that the man was the person he had been looking for earnestly all these years. 

Mr Dixon took a deep breath before entering the room. Excitement and anxiety were cocktailing inside him. He fixed his coat again and entered the room where the young man was sitting relaxingly on a big black couch, “Welcome, Mr Nile Dixon.”

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