Chapter 8- Amnesia


It had been four days since Skylar fell unconscious and I hadn't left her side at all. Even though I was mad at her, no! mad isn't the word, disappointed, she was still my mate and I cared about her. Yeah, if you cared about her, you wouldn't have pushed her off us the other day. My vampire Vladimir said. Hey, I saw the angel mark on her hip, it was the same mark Maya had. Aspen you need to move on from her, it has been years. He had a point; it was time that I moved on from Maya and gave my full attention to Skylar who has been in this bed for days. 

I missed seeing her beautiful ocean blue eyes, her long light brown hair that glowed in the sunlight, her mouth that I would always leave those passionate kisses on, her jawline that I would always leave a trail of kisses on and lastly her smile, it was the most beautiful characteristic she had and honestly it was my favourite, I loved how she always smiled, how she alw

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