Chapter 2727

"They would rather give up your company than let me go! Do you understand that?"

Dash was speechless. If Deacon was so embarrassed that he wanted to hide in a hole on the ground earlier, then at that moment, Dash was the one who was feeling as embarrassed and ostracized as Deacon did. His face was already extremely hot, and like a rising bun, every layer of his face was about to explode.

Eevonne kept looking straight at him. "Just because I used to date you, you repeatedly forced me, and you played tricks to corner me over and over again! Is there a difference between what you did and how I pestered you back then? I kept pestering you back then because I could not move on from you! What about you? How despicable and nasty are you right now? Cross your heart and ask yourself, is your conscience clear?

Mister Long!"

"Enough!" Dash suddenly lifted his head. His face has already become purplish-red in color, but his expression was very sincere. "I'm sorry, Eevonne. I've failed you. I wa
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