Chapter 2820

The fake Yvonne was still conscious the second before she died. She watched herself fall over with her eyes widened. She never would have expected it. After she had plotted everything, she was only one step away from the wedding, and then she could have replaced the real Yvonne and truly be a part of the high society of South City and be the wife of a rich man. However, she was fatally shot. Who was it?

There was no time for her to look into it in detail before she fell to the ground. All of her regrets were forever sealed in her body. Without even a cry or shouting, she fell to the ground. She was feeling so reluctant to accept defeat that her heart had already stopped beating but her eyes were still wide open.

Marcus was also stunned. He did intend to have Bonnie's entire gang arrested in one go, and he had already done it. The police were simply there that day to have this group of people surrounded. However, never in a million years would Marcus expect that someone would kill Bon
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