Chapter 2822

Yvonne hugged her children and lifted her head to look at her mother. At that moment, she was incredibly excited. She was both excited and aggrieved, which made her cry inconsolably. She rushed into her mother's arms. Immediately after, her father also hugged both her and her mother. The family of three was finally reunited. No, it should be a family of five at that moment. It would be a family of six with Marcus included. The family of six hugged each other and cried so much that the people at the side could not help but cry as well. Even the nurse also teared up.

It was after a long while that Yvonne's parents let go of her.

"Alright, my child, let's go home. Let's go home."

Helena raised her head and looked at Yvonne. Her child did not have her original face anymore, but she was truly her child. After her child went missing for five years, she finally got her child back. During that time, Yvonne got a rare condition that was hard to cure in any part of the world, but she was cure
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