Chapter 2819

Two female attendants wheeled out a completely sealed glass cart. The ring that was carefully kept inside the glass cart was truly colorful and dazzling. Every side of the gem was radiating in different colors as the light shone upon it through the glass chart. The fake Yvonne was stunned silly when she saw it. Another person who was also stunned silly was the tan and fat man holding a pair of binoculars while sitting in a car across from the jewelry store.

The tan and fat man muttered, "Gosh! This man must love her so much. He actually is willing to spend so much on her! This woman really deserves to die! She deserves to die too much!"

Inside the jewelry store, Marcus looked at the fake Yvonne gently. "Do you like the ring I'm giving you?"

The fake Yvonne was so excited that tears streamed down her face. "I like it. I love it too much! I truly love it so much!"

"I should've given you this ring four years ago. It was such a pity that at that time…"

"It's fine, hubby, it's fine. Is
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