Chapter XI

"Make haste. I have to go home now. John, take the shortest way to Belikov Estate," Niklaus instructed his coachman before he nodded.

"Aye, Your Grace,"

Niklaus got inside the carriage before the coachman was whipping the horses as they neighed before the carriage was moving forward. Niklaus was gripping the tabloid before he cursed. "Damnation," he cursed under his breath as he was looking at the sky. He just hoped that Becca was not going anywhere when Niklaus knew that woman was unpredictable as hell.

The drive was short, thankful for the easy gliding and the high-quality coach that Niklaus owned that he made it faster than he could imagine. He walked up the stairs before the butler was opening the door for him. "Where's my wife?" Niklaus asked the butler as he replied that Becca was in the library. Niklaus strode to the library before he was opening the door and Becca was sipping on the tea beside the fire.


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