The Duke Who's Devilish

The Duke Who's Devilish

By:  Nikki Larousse  Ongoing
Language: English
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On the Island of Niapachad, there are rumors and mystery that would bring you back in time as the inhabitants of this island is a blast from the past. They talk strangely, dress strange and the community is strange. They still acquaintance themselves with the old ways, having gentry as the social hierarchy. There is so much to learn and discover when you're here. The wonderstruck balls, the dazzling operas, and spectacular views from all over the island. But beware, for you don't know what's lurking the shadows and something might be more than just a beautiful dream that you wanted. ***** Lady Rebecca 'Becca' Davis thinks that she was up for sale when her family decided that she will be marrying with a gent from the Higher Court. She wanted to rebel on the night of the ball but something caught her eyes when she met someone at the ball. His allure was catching Becca into his web of deceit. Would Becca sacrifice herself or would she turn away from her new captor? Duke of Belikov, Niklaus Dragomir, has wanted nothing in his life for he was a man that has everything. Until he met Lady Rebecca Davis. Her sassy mouth and rebellious nature were stirring something dark inside him. Something that wanted to take control of her body as she begs for his mercy. What happened when Becca found out about his secret? Will she stay or would she run away for her only instinct was to survive against such legends?

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60 Chapters
Chapter I
Everyone believed that Niapachad Island was an island located on the west side of Crete Island in the Aegean Sea. However, no one survived to tell the truth of that belief. Some said that it was concealed in a powerful veil that was invisible to the naked eyes and any human from modern society cannot come to the island. Others believed that there was an entry point on Crete Island that can transport you to Niapachad Island, wherever it was located. Some claimed that there were other entry points around the world but that was up for discussion in the scientific community of the modern world. But one thing for sure, Niapachad Island was a secret in the modern world that the scientist wished to uncover but it remained a mystery to this moment. Niapachad Island was a country that conserved the history that surpassed time and century. The country was ruled by monarchs and the gentry was still in the system of social hierarchy. It was believed tha
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Chapter II
Niklaus Dragomir, the 8th Duke of Belikov, was staring out of the room that he was taking a sip of his tea that was laced with blood. He smacked his mouth before his butler was knocking on the door. The door opened and Niklaus was glancing over his shoulder before he was regarding the butler. "What is it now?" He asked as he was having a hard time keeping track of time when he was supposed to be balancing the ledgers and all that happened with his tenants and trying to keep the food on their table and a roof under their heads. Belikov's responsibility was included with Royal Molftus, where the Lesser Gentry and the Higher Court resided but they must be sustained and that's where his tenants came to feed the wealthy. He was having the big responsibility to keep the tenants and gentry happy as well as serving the young queen of Niapachad Island as well. "You have an engagement tonight that you asked me to remind you, Your
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Chapter III
"Are you lost, my dear?" The stranger asked her as she was blinking her eyes. Becca tried to form sentences but she stammered instead. The stranger chuckled lowly. Then, Becca was clearing her throat before she glared at the man. "No, my lord," she did not know if he was a gentry or not but it was never hurt to tell them, just to boost their ego. "I am merely looking around to take in the sight of the ballroom. It was mesmerizing that I cannot help but turn around, making myself look like a fool," Becca said sarcastically before the blue-eyed man was amused with her answer. It usually worked the other way. "Well, you must thank the host of this ball then. It is grand, I must admit," the stranger said before Becca was rolling her eyes. The tomes on her etiquette lessons would be cursing and her tutors would roll on their sleep as Becca was doing the things that a lady of the genteel breed should not do. 
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Chapter IV
It has been a few weeks after that fateful ball that Becca was forced to go and met Lord Niklaus Dragomir, who she did not know at the time was Duke of Belikov. She thought that everything went south after that dance and conversation that they had but she guessed wrong. Why? It was because the duke was sitting on the divan, sipping tea that her mother was asking the maid to pour it for him. "Thank you for allowing me to meet with your daughter, my lady. I cannot thank you enough," Niklaus stated as Becca was walking into the drawing room. Her skirts were swooshing against each other before Niklaus was turning to look at her. His blue orbs clashed with her green eyes. "Ah, Becca darling. You're here. It was such a surprise that the duke was coming here this morn to court you, was it, Your Grace?" Lady Georgia asked him before Niklaus smiled. "That would be correct, my lady, yes,"
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Chapter V
Lord Matthew looked outside their manor to the place that The Higher Court lords assembled and most of the gentry were staying. The lord sighed as he was undoing his cravat as Lady Georgia was helping him out of the waistcoat. His wife was arching her eyebrow at him. "What are you thinking about, dearest?" Lady Georgia was asking her husband. Lord Matthew turned to regard his Georgie before he was taking her hands into his. "Do you think we're doing the right thing for Becca? Belikov is from The Higher Court. I don't want her to be in trouble," Lord Matthew stated before Lady Georgia was caressing his cheeks. He leaned into that touch. "I'm scared for our daughter too, dearest," Lady Georgia stated as Lord Matthew was arching his eyebrow. "I thought you would be overjoyed with this union?" Lord Matthew teased her before Lady Georgia was slapping his chest playfully. Lord Matthew chuckled.&nbs
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Chapter VI
"This is fucking great. We're inside of a fucking prayer house," Niklaus was whispering to his best man, Ian, as the marquis was chuckling at the duke. Niklaus glared at his friend before Ian was arching his eyebrow. "I thought you want to keep the secret until the end?" He taunted Niklaus before he was gritting his teeth. "It would be nice if it was not a fucking church. Why do you have to do such a stupid thing, Ian?" He hissed before the young queen of Niapachad Island was coming up to Niklaus. Queen Arabella Dragomir was the 10th monarch that ruled Niapachad Island. Her husband, Aiden, was the Prince Consort as she was greeting Niklaus. He smiled at his cousin before Queen Arabella was hugging him. "Ara, I thought you would not come here. How surprising!" Niklaus said as the young queen was giggling as she was holding her husband's arm. Aiden was nodding at Niklaus and Ian. Being the lords that w
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Chapter VII
"And then, I have to dodge it so that my father would not come after me. Instead, he went after my brother," Emily said as Becca was laughing at her anecdote. How come one gets away with anything? Becca mused before she remembered that she was the youngest and her sisters have been married. Of course, her mother would focus on her. But that ended tonight as she will be staying at this lavish estate when she will be losing her virginity to her new husband, the Duke of Belikov. Becca gulped before she turned to see that her husband was walking with someone that she knew. It was the young Queen Arabella Dragomir of Niapachad Island.  Shit! Becca was trying to control Emily's laughter before she was looking at the young queen as well. Emily shut up before they both stood up and curtsied to the queen. "Your Majesty," they both said as the young queen was beaming at Becca.
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Chapter VIII
Niklaus was looking at his duchess who was swaying in his arms as Becca was trying to glare at him. But she failed when she was blinking her eyes and she was slurring again when she tried to reply to deny his claim on her right now. "You're...lying..." she slurred as she was gripping his coat and pulled him closer to her sinful body. The tight corset was showing the ample bosom as Becca has been undoing her wedding gown after the last guest has gone. Niklaus gulped as his cock was stirring when she was looking with her green orbs at him. He wanted to curse himself right now. "Ah! I know what you're—" a hiccup, "thinking, Belikov," Becca stated as she was gripping his lapel now. "You're trying—" a hiccup, "to get under my skirts," Becca slurred before she was putting her delicate hand on his hard chest. Niklaus was breathing hard as he was looking at his duchess right now. Control, Nick, c
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Chapter IX
After Niklaus left Becca to her devices, she went through the adjacent door that was inside his room. If she knew that the chamber was the master chamber, no doubt that she slept in Niklaus' bed last night. Becca shivered when she was thinking about this morning as she was dipping inside the bathtub as the maid was helping to scrub her clean. The maid was working diligently as she would scrub every inch of her skin before she was rinsed with a pail of lukewarm water and dried with a towel. "Thank you. I will be attending to my duchess now," Niklaus' velvety voice was coming inside her eardrum before Becca closed her eyes. Why does my husband have to be a duke? she mused before she turned to glare at her husband. The duke merely smiled at her as his blue orbs were gazing at her body up and down. "Shouldn't you be doing your tenants' payment right now or something?" Becca asked him as she was moving to the dresser to get r
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Chapter X
Niklaus has to admit that his wife has a sassy mouth that was as sharp as a knife. It would be hard to be defeated by her. But Niklaus wondered why she was being bitter toward Skylar when Niklaus only drank her blood to sustain him? Will Becca be mad if he told her that he sucked on her blood? Would she run away? "Your mistress is a nice woman. I bet you're regretting your decision to marry me when you can have her," Becca stated as she was turning her head from looking outside the carriage as her vivid green eyes were looking at him. Niklaus smirked. "Don't tell me that you feel jealous, knowing that I have a history with her, my dear?" Niklaus taunted him before Becca scoffed at him. Niklaus thought that she would throw a tantrum but Becca was not that kind of lady. She was a stone-cold lady after all. "Like I care about you, Niklaus. I wish nothing from this union and if you n
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