Chapter XV

It did not take long for them both to get out of their clothes as Becca was only wearing a thin gown as well as a chemise. Then, she was removing her husband's garment before they were both naked in front of each other. Becca was turned around as Niklaus was kissing her neck.

"This will be the start of something new between us, my love. No more lies. No more secret," Niklaus stated as she was nodding at him. Niklaus was playing with her body before he was kneading her breasts as Becca was leaning against his hard chest.


"Becca, my love," Niklaus called after her before she was feeling his lips on her neck. Becca was trying to focus on his mouth but failed when she felt the hardness against her backside. Niklaus chuckled before he whispered to her ear. "You're mine now and forever, Lady Rebecca Dragomir,"

"And I am yours forever to behold, my love," Becca said before Niklaus was punching his t

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