Chapter 57 - Sister Problem


We just arrived a week ago and now we are leaving again. Peggy was looking around their room, reminiscing her days with Jayden. I told her I would be bringing her and Caden to Flousia. Emily talked to me about it but my decision was final. I needed to teach Jayden a lesson.

"Mommy, are you ready? Let's go!" I heard Caden exclaimed while pulling his mother's hand.

She looked at her son and smiled. She crouched down and embraced him tight.

"Mommy, you're sad because we will leave daddy." He said.

She released him and stared into his eyes, holding his shoulders.

"I'm okay. Don't worry about me. You are my life and my joy so I won't get sad." She tried to smile and not to go emotional in front of him.

Caden suddenly touched her cheek.

"Mommy, I'm not mad at daddy. But he needs to be punished. You told me if people made a mistake, they have to receive a punishment. I don't want to see you sad but what daddy did

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