The Northernmost Territory II

My body was nothing but a mere pulp that was pushed against a tree. I felt the searing pain on my legs from the scratches of the hard soil. My head throbbed from the pain of being beaten repeatedly. My left eye was almost shut closed from the inflammation that it had gotten from the direct punch the dark brown-haired man gave to me. His hand wrapped around my throat which restricted my breaths. I clawed on his arm and tried to kick at him, I resisted his restraints but my actions felt like nothing but a weak effort to set myself free.

I stared at the foliage of the trees up above us and tried to reach out to the dim glimmer of sunlight with my losing eyes. I thought of the trees around the castle and the way I would lay beneath them with my mother when I was still a child. I thought of the green leaves that are similar to the shade of my mother’s eyes and how it reminded me of spring. If I was asked years before if I have envisioned myself to be in this position, I would say

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