A Tale of a Married Woman

A Tale of a Married Woman

By:  Rana Rashid  Ongoing
Language: English
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It's a story of a 25 years old lady, Anjana who got married to a family where she has to face several ups and downs. She is a bit anguished, but, still manage to find happiness in a tough situation. The demand of dowry from her in-laws at the last moment left her with no option to accept or reject the proposal. She was completely clueless when her parents received a call from her to be in-laws just a day before the marriage to come up and deliver the hefty amount asap or else the groom won't visit the bride's place for marriage. Will Anjana be happy to her in-law's place after fulfilling the demand of those greedy family or she will still continue to suffer?

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interesting so far, next please... Do you have any social media that I can follow you on?
2021-07-14 22:52:55
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Mensah Vivian
great book
2021-02-12 04:13:20
16 Chapters
A Saga of An Arranged Marriage
Rrrrrr.....phone rings   "Hello mumma... Yes I'm back from office".   "Yes I already had my dinner". What about you?   Is it possible to take few days leave and come home?- Mom on other side of call.   "What happen mumma?"   
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A Month Before Marriage….
  As both the couple has known each other, it was the time for both the families to know each other and see the girl and guy from themselves. So a date was decided when Anjana's parenets were going to visit the guy's place. They wanted to meet his family, check the house where they are suppose to send their daughter, in-laws behavior, and lots more. As soon as Anjana's parents, sister, and her brother reached, they were impressed with the first sight of the place. They were extremely happy to see. They were welcomed inside the house where the guys' parents, and sisters were already present. With lots of discussions and meeting the guy, Anjana's parents were satisfied with the relation.   Now the turn was the guy's family to visit Anjana's place
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A Day in Amreet's House…
  The next morning when she woke up, everything was new for her. New room, new people around, new environment, and new talks. Something that was not with her was her daddy’s routine of listening to television in full volume, her mumma’s shouting to get up early in the morning and have breakfast, her brother’s tease, and lots more. Seems, she was missing all of these.    But, she got blenched when she heared her mother-in-law shouting on her bhabhi for not taking pallu on her head. Not only her mother-in-law, but, even younger sister of Amreet was also involved in back biting. She has never undergone these kind of situateion, so she got bit nervous.  
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Amreet Finally Resumes His Office..
  Finally, after 1 month of marriage, the couple had to depart from their family members as there was a shortage in Amreet’s leave.   Amreet’s same old routine started, but, something new that was added to his life was Anjana’s presence. As compared to before, Amreet seems more enthusiastic, energetic as well as happy. The first day in his office was passing in hardship, as he was waiting to come home as early as possible where he could meet his lovely wife. While, on the other hand, Anjana’s day was spent arranging the house and organizing each and everything.   The clock struck 6 in the evening and Anjana dressed
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Desire or Demand of Happiness
Being a woman, each one of you might have experienced once in your life the joy of getting pregnant for the first time. Knowingly or Unknowingly, this phase comes in every married woman's life. Anjana was too eagerly waiting for this precious moment to come into her life. One evening when both were somewhere out in the car, Anjana asked Amrit "Can we have a baby?" Are you serious? I think we should take some more time, Amreet said. But, don't you feel that we require someone who could add a bundle of joy to our life, Anjana uttered this sentence demandingly. Amreet smiled at her and finally, the topic seemed to be paused at this time. One morning when Anjana was on a call with her mother-in-law, something she got to know that made her a bit anguished. Can't you come before so that you can engross yourself in chores? mom-in-law on another side. Yes Maa, we are trying too. Although, Amreet is struggling to get leave.
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Marriage Mania
Finally they both arrived their destination. Anjana could see the chaos that spread all over the house. The cluttering of people and giggling and chatting sound all over. People were eagerly waiting to meet their "Choti Bahu" (younger daughter-in-law). Both the couple entered their house where Amreet's mom, dad and younger sister were eagerly waiting for them. Bhabhi saying this his sister hugged Anjana. How are you? I am good, you say, what's the feeling now? Nervous or excited? - Anjana teasingly asked Bhabhi you na..... nanad (sister-in-law) sighs Next day 7 Am Anjana gets into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Amreet is with his parents checking out what all are done and what else left. Anjana, Anjana where are you? I am in kitchen Amreet, what happen? Listen, we are suppose to leave for jewelry shopping. So. get ready fast. They all left for the jewelry and dress s
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Unfolding Treasure of Happiness
Finally, the ceremony ended up happily and everyone was now back to their work. So, were Anjana and Amreet too. They both have to leave now because, Amreet's official leave was about to end and he was supposed to resume his office soon. Due Amreet's tight schedule, he was bound to work late in his office. And, hence, Anjana has no other option then to leave alone in the house, watching Tv or working something.  Evening 7 PM Anjana picks up her phone, dialed Amreet's number and... Listen, I am not feeling well. Can you please come bit early Amreet sounds worried, What happened? I an having nausea feeling and dizziness. I am on the way to home, but, still it will take more than 1 hour. You please lay on bed until I come. Sure! Next day morning 10 Am ------Say Cheese, You're going to be a Daddy! It took a few second for him to proce
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Flip Side of Story- From An Author's Eye
When a girl is born in a family, the moment when her parents hold her in their arms, the first word that comes out from the heart is “Hamare ghar laxmi Aayi hai”. Well, the word Laxmi (Wife of Lord Vishnu) is depicted to the Goddess who is a representative of health, wealth and prosperity of all forms. She is being nurtured and pampered by her parents with utmost care and where she never knows what does sacrifice means. Gradually she starts growing up and yes, her first stage of sacrificing starts. If she is an elder sibling in the house, she has to make sacrifice in every aspect- Be it food, dresses, her toys as well as her playtimes. And if she is the younger one, she has to make sacrifice by waiting for her turn to come. No matter whether she is younger or older, but, the main subject is she is a “GIRL”. This is the most important thing that she has to always grave in her mind. Being a woman comes with number of expectations along with number of roles that she is
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Sacrifices, Expectations, Reality- Altogether Called Woman
Sacrifices: The biggest sacrifice that a girl makes is leaving her home where she was brought up for the past 25 years and moving to a new family where she has never ever been and accept that family as her own. When a girl leaves her parents and meet new parents in the form of in-laws, she takes them up as her own parents. Being a newly wed, you will be treated nice as you are the epicenter of that family. But, as the days passes by, people keeps on realizing you that you don’t belong to that family. In every now and then faults, you will continuously be poked in such a way that you have attempted a crime and your parents are the one who have educated you the same. Without uttering any words, just tears roll down from her eyes. She starts missing her home, her family. But, Alas, she can’t even give them a call and let them know. Because she knew, doing this will not end up with any solution, but, will deteriorate the reputation of her new family and will make her pa
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Entry of a Cute Angel in a Couple's Life
Finally, after such a long wait time has arrived when a bunch of happiness was knocking at the door. Yes, it was the completion of 9 months of pregnancy and couple was ready to welcome a new family member anytime. Preparation has already started. Anjana, I am a bit nervous, how will we handle this situation alone? "We must call both of our parents so that we can get both emotional support from them." Yes Amreet, I guess you are right. Amreet picked up his cell phone, dialed a number and ...... "Hello, didi, how are you? Listen, I have called you up to let you know that Anjan's delivery date is approaching. So, it would be helpful if you come over here." Ok then, I will be booking your ticket. You be ready. Call disconnected. Shall we call Mummy, Papa also? (Anjana's Mom and dad) "Sure, why not", Anjana replied with joy. After all, who girl doesn't like to take the opportunity to spend time with her pare
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