Chapter Ten: First Full Moon Festival II



"Tell the general to bring him to me" Kunshiya kun fumed angrily. At his order, the message was passed down to the general immediately, the general only thought he was suspicion because of his newly scarred cheeks and dirty cloth, the suspect haven't acknowledged whether he's guilty or not and there's no evidence to prove it, he can only respect his King's order.

Unknowingly to the general, the suspect companions had found out that he has been taken and they've reported it to their instigator, and Queen Tekiya already gave an order to make sure he died tight lipped, on the general way to the palace, the general was attacked and waylaid by so many assassins as they tried to fight him off and kidnap the suspect, on the battle field in their dragon form, they threw fire and and slayed one another with claws and teeth, the general's dragon was one of the best dragon and he easily fought of many assassins on his own, The general identity took them by surprise as

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