"Oh shit,” I mumbled looking at myself in the mirror.

The guy staring back at me looked nothing like the one I was used to.

He looked haggard, worn, he’d lost weight and his eyes showed a lot of sadness.

That was what stood out the most among all; unfortunately, there wasn’t much to do to change that fact.

I came out of the bathroom closing the door behind me, and got surprised when I ran into Mom and my sister in my office.

"Well,” my mother looked at me critically, "At least he removed his beard."

"He doesn't seem homeless anymore,” Alessia agreed nodding.

“What the hell do you want?” I went to my desk and sat in front of them "In case you don't notice, I'm working."

"You're always working,” Mom snapped crossing her arms, "Tell me, Alex, when was the last time you were in your apartment?"

"Yesterday,” I muttered looking away.

"Mom was referring to the last time you slept in your bed, Alex,” Al

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