Chapter 49


"Hey, Khali! I didn't see you for days!” Wearing the usual cheerful smile on his face, Thomas greeted me as soon as I got out of my car. I shrugged and tossed my keys, which he instantly caught in the air.

"Yeah I had to go to Thailand to attend to some important matters," I told him dryly. I wasn't in the mood these days; I was drained, annoyed by what had happened to me the day before; I just wanted to go back to how I used to be, but I couldn't stop myself from thinking and worrying. 

“Bad day?” Thomas asked though I sensed he was being cautious with his remarks. I just heaved a deep sigh before nodding at him. I shouldn’t vent out my anger to everyone.

“Is Hannah there?” I asked him, changing the topic. Hannah is one of the people I entrust with our company's affairs. When I have to deal with important matters outside of the country, she takes over my task. She's reliable and trustworthy, but my faith in her didn't gr

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