How to Destroy a Badboy

How to Destroy a Badboy

By:  Vendite Johnson  Completed
Language: English
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When certified straight fuckboy Valentine kissed the closeted Dominic, he began craving for more.Confused feelings will force Valentine to pursue Dominic. Little did he know, Dominic was on his mission to destroy him.How to Destroy a Fuckboy1. Steal his attention.2. Make him kiss you.3. Make him want moooooore.4. Surprise him.5. Make him ask you on a date.6. Make sure that your first date will be memorable.7. Seduce him and leave him hanging.8. Make him introduce you to his parents. 9. Make him ask you to be his boyfriend.10. Destroy him.Note: Don't ever fall in love with him.

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55 Chapters
Chapter One
Dominic For me, Mondays are always the worst day in a week.I slept late last night after rushing my homework in Literature, which was supposed to be done first thing last Friday, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to space some time up to make it; instead, I was up partying and binge drinking all night at some random house party. I ended up wasted the very next day, and it even got extended until the very next day, and yet I woke up thirty minutes earlier than my alarm clock. This is the worst thing that keeps on ha
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Chapter Two
VALENTINE  “What? Are you breaking up with me already?” I smirked over the upset blonde girl with the bubbly tits who’s standing across me as she squealed with her irritating voice.“Are you fucking kidding me? I’m not breaking up with you. There’s clearly nothing between us! There’s nothing to break” Puffing the last of my cigarette before putting it off by pressing it on the wall. I scowled at her.
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Chapter Three
DOMINIC “What kind of a dumb answer is that?!” I uttered impulsively, gritting my teeth out of my frustration and annoyance as we settled down onto our favourite spot for lunch. “He’s a fucking asshole, dimwit, and a clear shot joke!” “Don’t be so harsh on him Nick, he has feelings too you know, and I think he’s just messing with you just like how he’s messing wi
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Chapter Four
VALENTINE I never would’ve figured out that hitting on Yhannie would be just another piece of cake. I just did a few sweet-talking and winking, and then I got her already. I thought Yhannie would be this hard-to-get-fuck-off lady or maybe this go-to-hell type of a hot chick and that my dare of hitting on her would have been more fun and challenging, but damn my speculations were way below the roster. I didn’t even break a sweat. Yhannie was equally gullible as most of the girls I’ve been hitting on. It’s a shame on her part because she’s this sizzling hot chick. She has this long wavy hair that extends up to her waist, and this picture-perfect Coca-Cola shaped body. Now that&rs
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Chapter Five
DOMINIC I don’t exactly understand what’s floating inside Yhannie’s mind at all.All this time, I thought she hated Valentine like I did, but I was just shocked and confused that she’s already going out with him. The saddest part of that is her decision to leave us for him. I didn’t know Yhannie was capable of that, leaving her friends for a guy. 
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Chapter Six
Dominic I spent the rest of the night trying to think for a valid reason as to why that anti-Valentine club picked me for a specific task that I’m sure I can’t do. It doesn’t make me any special from the rest, and I’m certainly not a helpless worm hooked in a fishing rod, hoping to lure and catch a big bad shark. Their agenda against Valentine was indeed promoting something very good to the society, and I commend them for having a positive motivation for forming the club, but choosing me was definitely out of the grid. First of all, I don’t think that I have Valentine’s attention when his attention is glued to someone else named Yhannie Thomas. Valentin
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Chapter Seven
Valentine After a few weeks, as much as I wanted for this shitty dare game to end, our deal finally reeled to an end. Surprisingly, Aldrin and I didn’t expect Jack to be very successful on his dare. He just brushed off that strict Catholic belt buckling him up and did his dare without further complaints. He told us that Samantha was just into it and they kissed and not just a kiss but an open-mouthed kiss in which your tongue is inserted into the other's mouth. Samantha even let him take a video of them kissing together. Aldrin, of course, on the other, failed it his way in a very shameful and disgusting way. He tried his very best to persuade Karen but she just won’t not unless it’s an orgy. 
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Chapter Eight
Dominic After leaving the drama club room, I felt much more determined to do the task of breaking Valentine’s heart but just pondering about this cringy idea of making him fall in love with me was already making me sick to my stomach. I mean how the fuck I’m supposed to do that? Making Valentine feel the feeling of being left hanging in the air would probably make him think twice probably a million times, and he would break for sure. I just can’t wait to see that happen to him. 
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Chapter Nine
Valentine  “Score!” I yelled frantically the second I scored the very last beer standing on the table.  I smirked pleasurably as I merely observe the disappointed faces of these motherfuckers wh
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Chapter Ten
Dominic The typical weekend had been long but not long enough to even make me naturally forget about what just happened last Friday night. It was one of those unexpected things that just happened unexpectedly fast in a way that I didn’t even have the shortest of seconds to just ponder about my reckless actions. The reality of things seemed like a fuzzy dream and that it was even profoundly aggressive that we are like both having our very own hormonal imbalances breaking down together.Although in my defense, I didn’t thoroughly enjoy the kiss because Valentine’s mouth tasted like vapid beer and it was seemingly awful. I’m a party person, that’s an undeniable fact, but beer isn’t my thing fo
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