Chapter 11


The whole ride to the Casino was awkwardly silent. Jane was sitting on the shotgun seat, just staring outside the window. My rage drove me to do something I shouldn't have, and remorse began to consume me the instant I knew I had hurt her. But it was her fault in the first place; she brought up a topic that is far too sensitive for me.

She barely even knew me, yet she spoke as if she knew what I'd been through. I hate nosy people; those who enjoy poking their noses into things that are no longer part of their business. She should have given it more thought before passing judgment or even expressing an opinion about me. She drove me up to the wall.

But right now, her silence bothered me. I had to look at her from time to time despite that she never cared to speak to me. I continuously tapped the steering wheel with my fingers as my anxiety started to kick in. This awkward tranquility irritates me. A few more minutes, and I decided to b

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