Chapter 40: The Day's Little Surprises

The sun was already up when Polly woke up. The Christmas lights were off. Those melodies that lulled him to sleep could no longer be heard. He fell asleep in full view of all the people passing by. He could have died just by being stepped on. He was so tired that all his guards were off when he fell asleep.

He could feel his tummy rumbling. He had not eaten in the last few days.  He had not groomed, too. He licked his paws and rubbed them off his face. He could taste the dust that were stuck thick onto his fur. It was awful! It was disgusting. “No wonder those cats and dogs were looking at me with disgust!”

He continued to lick the parts of his body that he could reach. The wound that he had from the thorn of the bougainvillea plant and the cuts that he got from being dragged by the fishball vendor were healing but he had lost considerable amounts of fur on his body.

Polly looked back at his tail, wagged him left and right. “W

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