Chapter Five

I keep hearing idea that true love takes your breath away, but I don't think that's right. No, he's the one who reminded me to breath when I'd forgotten how. He was the one who knew my heart better than I did and reminded it to beat when I felt irreparably broken. He gave me more than I ever hope for, and that is a love most people will never understand.

"Hey shrimp, you're not listening," Ashton whispered when he noticed I was scribbling something down on my notebook instead of payng attention to the teacher who was lecturing in front. I hushed him to stay quiet and continued scribbling down on the notebook. He watched me draw little stick people on the notebook when he decided to join me too. Our drawing turned into a game. I scratched a paper and fold it, the other side is his territory and the other side is mine. We drew little stick people and the way of the game is; you fold the paper and draw a circle on the other side and if the circle hits a stick person, that's a point. Basically, the winner is who kills the most. 

A few moments after we started playing and I was starting to lose. Ashton smirked at me while I glared at him, we were doing our best not to get caught by the teacher. When it was Ashton's turn, he folded the paper in half and hit another one of my stick people. I groan in defeat as he laughed in victory.

"I'm not playing anymore," I said, giving him the paper.

"Why? Because you lost??" he teased to which I glared and rolled my eyes. 

"No, because this game is stupid."

Ashton raised his arms in the air as if to surrender and paid attention to the teacher. I rest my chin in my arm and listened to the teacher. After a few minutes of paying attention to the lecture, Ashon nudged my arm. I looked over at him smiling and handed me a note on another scratch paper.

"Shrimp." was written on it. I rolled my eyes as I let out a small laugh. I wrote back, "What do you want, dog?" and passed it to him again. He glanced at the teacher for a quick moment before looking down and reading the note. He laughed, and I swear, the way he laughs always brings music to my ears. It's as if I'm dancing to his laugh and that's the best feeling. 

He looked at me with a wide smile, and when he smiles wide, cat-like whiskers appears on his cheeks and oh my god, he's so freaking cute. I swear. He scribbles something on the note before passing it to me secretively as if he's handing something dangerous and can not be seen by other people. I laughed at how adorable he is. 

I looked at the note and blushed, turning to him with wide eyes while he just shrugged and laughed. "I want you." was written on it. I slapped his shoulder playfully as he defensed himself, laughing. I wrote, "Stuuupiid, you clearly has someone you like. Why do you want me?" capitalized at shoved it to him. He stared at it as his wide smile drops down and looked at me with pitched eyebrows. Oh no, I must not have wrote that.

I know, I was the stupid one. He clearly wanted me but I was scared and young so I didn't want to expect and assume anything. He didn't tell me he liked me at that time. It was just...a fling, that's all. We were just flirting, or so I thought. I liked more than I realized and he liked me more than I knew. This was what's wrong with me. Where it all began.

"You don't know who I like?" he said. I straighten and look at him worriedly. We were just playing and now it turned all serious.

"No?" I shrug my shoulders.

Ashton sighs and shake his head, "This is why you're a shrimp. Because your brain is also small." 

I gasped. "That is so not true, Ashton. Why don't you just tell me who you like so this is done?" I nearly yell, rolling my eyes. 

Ashton's serious expression were changed to a playful one, "God, you're going to mess me up," he chuckled, "Well, I can only tell you that she's in our school and in this classroom. We talk a lot and she's pretty. Funny too and smart. She's kind. Goodluck finding out who she is." Ashton pinched my nose with force as I groan saying it was painful, but it wasn't really.

Being the simple minded I was, I looked all over the classroom and observe every girl and asked myself the stupidest question:

"Who is it?"

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